Me vs Stan, naked wires: Whose fault is this situation?

First I understand most customers of most stick makers just want the standard off the shelf model with the highest level of customization usually being the artwork on the stick. so right away I understand I’m in a different class of customer than everyone else.

Second I hired them both to be the hands behind this project as well as looking for some professional advice to look at things I may have overlooked.

third I assume l Itold him I’d rather talk it out and make sure we’re on the same page before he goes ahead and does. Heck, the last two or three years on shoryuken have been triple confirming theories a new features on joysticks that have kind of been done before but not exactly the way I wanted it.

And this is what Stan has done with those instructions:. He first interpreted it as just an Xbox 360 controller, which was that buy what I expected but was done well anyway.

More recently I tried to explain the more detailed instructions and how they work, like for example he wanted to know what the pin arrangements were so I just gave him a diagram showing what pins are supposed to go to what buttons showing the button layout and the number of the pins are supposed to be.

by the way I was asking shokan if it was a standard layout so that other people could use my stuff and I could use my stuff on other people’s sticks, so I asked Stan if he knew any customary wiring conventions and if not, does it even really matter, as long as I’m self-consistent? I told him if there was a convention, use it. He didn’t know any so I just made one and try to stay consistent.

He was trying to offer suggestions of ways to make a cheaper what he thought was doing good but I had to explain a reason why that setup wouldn’t fundamentally work. usually the reasons work because it has to work both left-handed and right-handed or it has to work with every PCB plugged in, or it has to be user-friendly and I don’t want to have to send it to him every time there’s a crisis. Like for example he questioned why I needed female ethernet ports on the end of the pcbs and I said I go through enough male RJ45 connectors that they eventually snap and no longer stay connected, so I try to limit the damage to just the cable being inserted and removed and if one of those plugs was hard soldered into the PCB that would mean taking it in for service but if I was more indirect and only touched the most friendly one that I could just go to Walmart and pick up an ethernet cable and fix the problem myself.

Since I shut down a few of his ideas of conventional wisdom because it doesn’t work in my case, he may have been gun shy too ask of something.

Sobe send that when I gave them db37 ports I didn’t know if he could finish them or if he needed extra parts. Since I didn’t know the parts I don’t know if there was a gripping one part of the handle or not and I didn’t know if I needed to order that extra.

what became of that was Stan sent me the ports with literally a naked female or male db37 port with a bunch of wires precariously soldered right in there. If it were shielded with a skin it would definitely be a high-quality soldering but because I didn’t know if skin was provided or not and stand was gun shy to tell me he needed skin, it made me wonder whether it was deliberate because, it just came off an argument.

So I don’t know whether it was my responsibility to know whether a skin was necessary to add and what the consequences were if there was no skin, I don’t know if mouser adequately inform me whether there was no skin and if I wanted to insert the db37 as a unit without risking messing in his wires that I should order skin, too, or whether it was Stan’s fault, not asking me about the skin or saying it’s going to be a problem and making me assume that the skin came with it, and with the last argument there may have been some ill-will. Of course when I talk it over I’m less paranoid because I hear his perspective.

I understand when I shut down conventional wisdom he might become gun shy to point out anything. but I thought I hired him both for his physical ability and the mental ability now and he has in the things I don’t understand as well.

I fought hard for double wiring because I know it had to work both left-handed and right-handed. I witnessed a case of only two or three ends of a y conexion plugged in equals full strength electricity but all three ends reduce the electricity significantly. It made a week enough wear drawing power on both ends made a PVR signal too weak to read. But I unplug one side and it works perfectly fine.

He was surprised that worked.

I understand I’ll pay for the skins and the mailing back of the pcbs and then we’ll negotiate what to do after that.

I’m aware enough to know that my needs are unusual. And the sub needs that go along with it compounded to the point of almost absurdity until it’s actually done.

Let’s assume for this question that Stan had a good heart and was not trying to have revenge by giving me something that’ll work until I figure it for a minute. assuming he wanted his work to last and wanted to earn more work by doing it right the first time,. Was it his responsibility to say door no skins or shells for the db37 connector and actually have to order them? Or was it my responsibility to pay for something did I didn’t know I needed or not?

And to be diplomatic I’ll assume I’ll be at fault unless Stan agrees otherwise, and pay for the shipping in the extra parts.


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Not literal biological skin. The proverbial skin which covers the individual wires. There might be some technical differences between casings shells, and other coverings, because someone would jump on me for using the wrong word

So I described it by it’s function. Skin is a generic term for an outer layer which protects the inner layer, namely the individual wires, from being accidentally touched and ruining the connection.

Our blood vessels are not individually tangible unless you’re a surgeon, operating under the skin.

The analogy works.

So back to the original question. Considering ai had not experience in making these before, was the DB37 plug’s “skin” my responsibility to think of or his?

I know certain things I wanted a particular way, and other stuff didn’t matter the slightest.

I did not see pictures of the parts. so I didn’t know skin wasn’t a part of it. What does Stan not warning me about this say about himself?

The word is insulation.

There no where the voltage being carried to do this
Most controllers carry 5 volts, the highest I could imagine is 12 volts and nothing over 1 amp.
The only part of the DB37 thats exposed is the outer shell and that’s ether floating (not connected to anything) or grounded.

If I was referring to the “skin of the individual pin wires”. I would have used “arteries” or “veins”.

What I meant by the skin, was the hard shell that covers the collective 37 wires as a group so it’s less likely one wire is disconnected from ordinary use.

How can you can you confuse the wire cover and the plug cover?

By the way, I didn’t see the pictures of the parts, so I assumed the “skin” was included. I guess Stan thought I made an intentional choice not to have skins.

I could have sworn I said I’d rather pay a little more cash and time now than a lot more later.

To answer your original question.

Considering your inability to be succinct and tendency to go off on several tangents.

Couple this with your resistance to learning and using the proper terminology…

I think it’s safe to bet you are probably the one at fault here.

Not that I have a lot of faith in Stan but if you talk to him in the same manner that you post in this forum I can see how it would be frustratingly difficult to even understand what it is you are asking for.


That’s part way true. But lower ping time of phone conversations help shorten otherwise long tangents.

If he gets the analogy right away, no need to harp on tangents. It is part of my psychiatric diagnosis. Plus lack of experience, in the joystick crafting world.

Thankfully Stan is willing to learn. So am I. Now I know ( and knowing is half the battle… G I Joe!) most ports on Mouser are not sold with the “skins”, I’ll have to ask him what other skins he needs. And tell him, if it’s something he wouldn’t allow in his stick, to question it. Every fundamental thing he questioned I countered because this system is designed to work as a whole. But other aspects I did not think of I’ll defer to his judgenent, and I did.

I understand I can’t think of everything, and some questions have already been answered. I’m not the guy type of guy who goes to a company invents something and says I want 50% of all the money associated with it because I know if that were the case, I would have to be doing 50% of the total work which is highballing it by at least 49 percentage points.

It might be possible that I scared Stan. So I’ll go over it again: I’d rather pay a little more money and time now, than much more later.

I have, with the help of some SRK posters, bailed Stanley out of his problem hooking up Cthulhus. Now he finally dies not automatically wire by color now, because my explanations works.

Thank you guys for helping me understand stuff well enough to explain it to Stan.