Measure of Skill

Is it just me or do most people just have this one guy who they know they’re better than but yet they seem to do well against you yet when it comes to facing others outside your group you own and he gets owned and then you wonder why you can’t own him?

In less confusing words Me and my friend play 3s, he plays Ryu,Ken,and Remy, I play Ken,Elena,Makoto,and Oro, for some reason he does extremely well against me specifically and his brother who uses Yang and Remy, so I go damn is he better than me after all these years i’ve been playing and i just taught him like a year ago? then we go to a mini tourney, I own everyone except two people who i play evenly against(while he gets beasted on. has anyone else experienced this?in casuals)(n the tourney i got elimed 1st round though T_T had to face this guy who had a mean Ibuki, my Ken stunk that day so i used Elena) while he gets beasted on. has anyone else experienced this?

He probably picked up on your vulnerabilities and just exploits the hell outta them. Others haven’t cuz they haven’t had the chance.

The same thing happens with me.

I have a friend and we play constantly against each other. Sometimes I win, sometimes he does, but the difference at the end is almost nothing. I’m sure that I’m much better than him in the game, but he’s always close to me in number of matches won.

As we play much each other, I think that he maybe have “learned” my style and is just predicting my game, giving him some advantage on me.

Yeah,he has basically figured out your play style and can anticipate what you will probably try to do next.I,too,have one friend that is at the same skill level as me in CVS2 but when we go to play others he does a lot better than me. I can play at his level because I’ve figured him out. I don’t do so well against others because I haven’t played against them enough to know how to fight them.

Well you did teach him how to play, so he gets a good idea of wut strategies u use especially since im sure u didnt keep any secret to him. He is prolly one of those players who do good in a first to 20 rather than a best out of 3. For example, I played someone on XBL in 3s, he beats me first 10 matches in a row, than I beat him 12 in a row, he gets on the mic and accuses me of handing the controller off to someone else, his shit worked worked on me but then he had no more game no more tricks so after i learned everything he had he was done. Do u have any match vids of u playing him and him playing some one else? Maybe his offense is bad?
I sort of know how u feel, I have a friend that I taught how to play MvC2 and although he cant beat me he is still good. But when I watch him play ppl at the arcade he plays with a different style, a more losing style, when he wins its barely. I used to think maybe he was jus nervous, but he is one of the best tekken players in CF so I dont really know.

maybe none of you are that good, but the rest of you are worse.

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I know EXACTLY what you mean. I had a friend who I used to play 3s with. I owned him in the begining but after a few months he began to pick up on a few things (we played ALOT, it shouldnt take anyone that long to adapt). There were some days when I had serious trouble beating him. He is definatly the cockiest player i’ve ever met in my life and you ever met him I doubt you could think of ANYONE as cocky as him. I told him that sure you can beat me, but I garantee you cant beat anyone but me your a bubble player and lack any real experience or skill. He laughed and though of it as an excuse. A few months later we hit up a tournament. In casuals I was the one beating everyone (including him) and I was the one who got way farther in the tournament and even got props from alot of people. What really broke his spirit was when he got eliminated by someone who apprently didnt even play 3s seriously and I ended up perfecting that same guy out of the tournament. He got owned by everybody and ended up being just some scrub who nobody cared about who wised up after that and finally admitted I was right all along. After this all happened he ended up quitting 3s because his ego was the only thing that kept him fueled. Once I shitted on him it just broke his spirit.

Haha, sucks to lose a player but that’s pretty fun, my friend’s not arrogant in the least, actually quite the opposite, like certain wins where he just plain outplayed me, he’ll go “nah i just got luck” and other stuff of the type

he must know your style…from when we played i remember you having a really solid game. you’re no slouch in 3s.

he must know your style…you gotta switch it up on him.

Thanks for that even though i gotta work a little more, I have been slacking recently though, I can’t keep the cursor on Ken because, Elena, Ibuki, and Twelve are just so fun. This may be in the wrong place but if someone keeps jumping straight up and mixing it up as they land what should i do? As a Ken player the obvious answer is SRK, but i often get pressured into doing the motion wrong, a hadouken comes out instead and i get punished to hell. Should i just dash under or would dash back be better? maybe even jump away?

P.S when are you going back to W2Z so we can play again?, my Ken needs that training and you’re good enough to own me up,

I wish I could play with your friend. I ususally win against my friends that play this, like I win 7 out of 10 times. anyway if one of them beats then they make a HUGE deal out of it…
and i’m not even that great!!:rolleyes: