I’ve been playing a ton of 3S on MAME recently, and the biggest issue I’ve been having is timing my meaties. How exactly did all of you get this down; is there some technique or an easy way to practice timing, or is it just more of an experience thing?

try to do a fast meaty that recovers fast for the roll. like f+mk. and f+hk or slower ones like to meaty a normal knockdown.

if ur having trouble with meaties if u miss just throw. to time it better, just try stick it out nice and smooth, not fast and hastey, nor too slow for u to get srk’d. just practice, especially online.

Trying to meaty online is hard :(. Just practice that in offline play. Easiest (obviously) to practice with normals that have long active hitting frames, such as sweep.

don’t forget that different characters get up at different speeds.

What I recommend, is learn different setups until timings feel more natural.

i.e. after certain knockdowns, knowing that you can dash whiff standing strong dash low short gives you perfect timing for a meaty low short can really help. (not sure if this works, just throwing it out htere)

now you can’t use that setup everytime, but it’s a decent place to start then constantly failing meaties in the middle of match.

Meaties are the thing I hate most about 3s. The number of times I’ve been grabbed/wake up supered out of a meaty attempt is ridiculous.

Also, when using practice mode to learn timings, make sure you put dummy to tech roll. 95% of the time in 3s people will tech roll. The exception is the corner.

Also, learn the timings for post super. That’s the only time people can’t tech roll and will give you the most consistant setups.

Alright, thanks for the help guys. I’ll start working on that.