MeatSquasher EX - what is it good for?

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It’s useful in that it will sometimes come out when you try to do ex lariat because of fisherprice inputs
O wait nvm

There is actually a DLC gem that makes inputs more strict, like older Street Fighter games. I’m not kidding.

still there is no answer for the EX version it does not deal more damage thats im sure off; what are its proppertys?

Try checking the throw immunity, strike immunity and total range in training mode. That’s all I can guess at.

According to the BradyGames guide…nothing. Not even damage. All versions do the same amount of damage. No special properties.

Occasionally I have trained people with ex lariat (over multiple sets) during footsies (blow through a sweep or some other long pokes/obvious pokes). Then I can throw out an meatsquasher ex and land it. From point blank all you see is a tower of yellow and you expect to block then you get grabbed. But outside of this little gimmick in long sets, pretty useless.

It does 260 damage now.