Meaty attack timing?


Ok, I am starting to pick up ST because I really love the game. As from my name you can already tell im a 3s player and alot of things for me tend to be completely different. I was wondering something though. Everytime i attempt to meaty someone I end up getting either reversed or getting thrown. Is there something i should know in regards to applying pressure on wake up in this game? any advice regarding this would be awesome! thanks guys


don’t do it against geif:angel:


Reversal specials (assuming they’re invincible) work the same as 3S. The invincible special will beat a meaty normal.

Wake-up throws however work much differently in ST than they do in 3S. In 3S, throws have start up, so they can’t be used against meaty normals. In ST, throws have 0-frame start-up, so a wake-up throw beats a meaty normal.

So basically any time you do a meaty normal, your opponent gets a free throw on you. The reason why you don’t see reversal throws more often is because reversal throws are pretty hard to do consistently, and the risk is pretty high. (If you mess up and eat a meaty combo, you will probably lose at a minimum 40%, and possible get peaced out all together if you get dizzied.)