Meaty cl.HP Os fireball/U1 Os fadc



Remember this idea against Dhalsim from someone here ?
I did some test to see if it can be doable fast enough to beat any chars backdash. With my Machine Machine tool, I have a lot of motivation.
Seems like with a not so hard fingers manipulation you can os fadc forward to keep doing a bnb fadc combo if the opponent got hit/blocked. Instead of just scoring a cl.HP fireball and nothing.

:3p: , :qcf: , :lp: speed = mix between slow ultra pace and fireball cancel, not too fast or … disaster
:b: :lk: + :hp: , :f: :mp: :mk: :f: (or your own fadc inputs) done FAST

If you want I can make a video about it.


Please do. I never heard of this before.


alright I’ll try wednesday


I’m uploading the vid, but as I’m not the master of exec it takes a long shot to realize it clean.
I haven’t trained this much tbh, just toying with ex fireball KD some days ago to find things to do out of the usual sweep setups.
Interesting ex fireball KD ! from cr.lp xx ex ball you can far HK and :
If KD teched, seems meaty
If not teched, backdash instant DF palm is safe against Juri ex Shenpusha, can cross up with HK DF and land safe behind whiffed Shenpusha. Might be other options against more chars, I’ll check later. I never really investigated this KD. I regret it today…

Anyway, so I test this OS with the same KD, my app makes Juri tech the KD and randomly do backdash to neutral jump or block.
I fail a lot to perform clean KD and also my OS inputs in this videos, but you’ll see some successful attempts with their inputs. It’s freaking hard to overcome the muscle memory of HP ball FADC, even harder to use LP instead of HP to do a fireball. That’s why…

But after some days I think this can be perfected. It’s 70% as hard as U2 if you already tested that. In combos I mean, not raw…



the short version, recorded


That tech is sexy. It has the risk of any meaty of course but I’m so stealing this tech lol (credit given to you of course). Thanks for always being godlike Shabrout.