Meaty command grabs against Zangief

This is my first post- so ‘hi’ everyone!

I’ve read in more than one place that a meaty command grab (non-ex) beats Zangief’s SPD and Lariet so I thought I’d try it.

I’ve also read that after TT, Dash > MK roll gives +5 frame advantage. TT has 5 frames of start up so I reason that if I do TT > Dash > MK roll > TT with frame perfect timing then I’ll beat Zangief’s SPD or Lariet.

I went into training and recorded Zangief to do reversal SPDs.

Result? I beat is occasionally (maybe 1/3 - 1/4 times)

I figure this it might be guaranteed but my execution is not perfect so I tried another test.

I did COD (with f + p > f +p) immediatly into jump forward, then into TT while Zangief does reversal SPDs.

Now this result really confused me. Again it worked sometimes. I find this odd because my exection should be exactly the same (to the frame) %95 of the time; the jump must come out immediately after COD since I’m holding u/f and the TT should come out the moment I land since there is a huge input window for the TT upon landing- just like a reversal. This second point is illustrated by doing jump, then just before landing doing TT. You’ll see a jumping attack come out before landing then a TT come out upon landing.

So what gives- it looks like it’s random whether the TT beats SPD on wake up.

Are there any players who can consistently beat an reversal SPDs or reversal Lariest with a meaty TT on wakeup? Do you have any vids to show that? Any tips for landing it?


You are actually doing the TT too early. Delay it slightlyyyy more and it’ll work. :smiley:

hmm first of all, your method of testing, did you record the gief or abel? since i dont know how you could record/set the gief to do reversal SPD while you control abel (its usually the other way around)…

as for the wakeup frame advantage, apparently its not the same against everyone since some characters wake up earlier than normal (just extra info)

as for the timing, too early = whiff, too late= get grabbed. adjust your timing accordingly.

oh and always remember the gief can jump/backdash and punish you hard.

thanks for the advice, I’ll keep on practicing.

I recorded Zangief doing reversal SPDs by putting hard punch on rapid fire, holding it down, then just spinning the stick. You can tell it’s coming out since you see ‘reversal’.

I’m still confused as to why my second test only works sometimes. You’d think it’d work always or never given the input looks like it would pretty much always be identical.

Sounds sort of like the tick throw issue where, if you don’t delay it a frame or two, you whiff. But, if that’s the case, you might just wanna TT, dash, LK Roll for a longer frame advantage.

Well I still have untold trouble trying to time this usually, but I’ve just found a set up where it works %100 of the time:

TT > dash > dash > dash > TT

Using this method I can beat lariet and SPD without fail.

Now I just have to worry about hop backs and jumps.

The reason why TT can beat SPD is that TT has 5 frame grab immunity (all startup frames) and SPD has 2 frames of grab immunity (again whole startup). So you have to aim your TT to be still staring up making the SPD whiff. Now if you aim the TT to hit on first frame of wakeup the SPD from gief makes your TT whiff and you’re grabbed by SPD.

Daaaang! It’s tips and facts like this that makes these forums worth checking out