Meaty Dive Kick



Any of you use this? It works rather well for me and is almost like a hit confirm. You just gotta worry about getting parried, but even if you do, the worst you eat is a standing normal unless you time it really poorly. Its opened up a lot of opportunities for bnbs for me.


this is like a late hit demno flip…, if followed by hp xx hp.shorry --> stun!!


stun? what? video pls? lol


what i meant is that a late cancel of demon flip followed by a hp xx hp.shoryu stunts a LOT, if that is followed by a dive kick and… well this vid explains better, look at 7:10 keep a eye un yang’s stunt bar




s.hp, demon flip, <-- stunt


that was hot, i loved the end of round 1 with those juggle jabs.