Meaty Dragon their Wake-Up

Now, with a perfectly timed standing (Ken) fierce, we know that for the most part, it will stuff out most moves. Also, with proper timing (though I’m not sure if this is what the player is SUPPOSED to be aiming for), you can even have it so that you can do a dragon or dragon into super afterwards.

Normally, I prefer a one-hit dragon, but in the case of Third Strike, I like multi-hit dragons because of the option of parrying.

For Ken (and I guess Akuma, too), a fierce dragon allows three hits as opposed to a fierce, which is just one hit. I am NOT saying that parrying three hits is harder than parrying one. Honestly, I think it’s almost negligible. However, I AM saying that having three hits on the meaty is better than having only one hit on the meaty. Insurance for bad timing.

Now, the argument that you can do stuff after a meaty fierce can be debated with the fact that you can do a super after doing a dragon.

There’s this video where someone is playing with Q and using his multiple punch super. From full screen, Q would do his rushing punch on his opponents, which were Ken and Chun Li (two skilled American players were playing the Ken and Chun Li). Now, while watching this I thought, “Man, if I was playing against that guy, he’d be eating a Ken #3 by now.”

So I thought about this afterward and realized, that of course the Ken and Chun Li player weren’t so stupid that they couldn’t figure out they had a super as an option. I thought about it and realized that the reason why they didn’t do jack is because the Q player could whip out his super and take them down. Free damage, as I’m sure the Q player went into the equivalent Chun-Li-style-down-medium-into-super mode the second he did the rushing punch.

With all that being said, a player that wakes up and parries out your dragon won’t try to do anything out of fear of your #3, or even Ken #2 if you so desire.

So I guess it boils down to:
I would rather wait out the recovery time of a standing fierce than a dragon fierce, and I would don’t feel as if the three hits on the wake up is that much better than the one hit on wake up.(?)


I hate to be a Daigo “dick rider” and all that shit, but this would explain to me why he does wake up fierce Ken dragons against his opponents.

Damn…we need someone to raid the Japanese forums.

Daigo does wake up fierce srk mostly because both strong and jab srks lose badly to any decently timed meaty hit.

Shit, typo. I meant, I saw Daigo walk up to a “sleeping” character and do a fierce dragon as they woke up.

what if ur opponent just blocked?

I do that sometimes, but like once in a blue moon since it’s very risky
I also like empty jump -> fierce srk :smiley:

well if he did low srk the outcome would be the same if blocked or parried… so why not dish out more dmg instead?
even if its parried u can still cancel into Sa1 2 or 3.

Also fierce and ex are the only two invincible srk’s. Although personaly I prefer a simple jab srk, I can see the advantage of it, even though I keep forgeting and still use jab.

Blocking owns strong-fierce-super for free, why wouldn’t it own fierce dp?

Because it’s on fire.

Are you asking why he uses a fierce dragon punch as a meaty attack when his opponent is waking up? One fairly obvious reason is for the chip damage. If the opponent is just about to die, a fierce shoryu can kill them, and if it doesn’t, you can cancel it into super after three hits to get even more chip damage. It can also be used if you’re expecting them to parry. The difference between one parry and three parries is huge, since the opponent probably won’t be expecting to parry three times, and will do something like one parry --> immediate throw/attack. Obviously that’s taking a big risk, but hey, that’s the Ume-shoryu for ya.

no he isn’t doing the shoryuken for chip damage… if daigo is doing a fierce shoryuken out of nowhere, it is because he knows he’s going to hit you.

Wait wait wait… Did I just read - “Wake up parry” ?

hes right you know

Come to think of it, does the fierce dragon even overlap for a longer period of time than the neutral fierce?

EX Kunai vs normal Kunai. Hm.

AKA: Despite being more hits, the EX Kunai probably overlaps for the same amount of time as the normal Kunai, if not even LESS time. Negating the factor of it being more hits.

Fierce SRK doesn’t have invincibilityjust range. I stuffed/traded with a bunch of them today with Alex’s s.hp.