Meaty hits and other things


I got a few quick questions for you all. Will a meaty hit, if done perfectly stuff pretty much any wake up special/super? Say for example Ryu’s close standing foward/low foward vs Ken’s SA2. I ask because there are times when I’m playing a Ken who loves to do deep meaty low fowards or roundhouses and I invariably lose when I try a wake up shinshoryu to catch his foot or leg.

Also, are there any better ways to get around someone who walks under your character that’s jumping over him and either throws or does low foward (yes it seems I have issues with this move) -> x move? e.g. I jump foward to attack said Ken player, he walks/dashes under me while I’m still in the air so I end up on the other side of him, now if he goes for a throw, I’m able to tech it with no problems, but on the other hand he could do a low attack into whatever he wants jacking my supposed tech in the process. Essentially making it a 50/50 gamble not in my favor. Any tips on a better way to avoid this? Other than the obvious answer of not jumping at all of course.
Thanks in advance.


If you jump and hit a button while he crosses under then you’re screwed because of trip guard. Once you’ve comitted to a move while in the air, when you land you won’t be able to low block for a second so the other guy can low forward, or crouch short, or low roundhouse you.

If you empty jump (don’t hit a button in the air), the other guy crosses under, you will be able to low block the forward or low parry it.

I think the safest thing to do (if you know he might go for the cross under) is to jump, wait to see if he crosses under. If he doesn’t then hit your attack. If he crosses under, you can low block and if he doesn’t stick out an attack and goes for the throw, STAY LOW and option select throw tech. So basically, emtpy jump, land, block low, wait a split second to see if he sticks out anything, and hit short+jab while blocking low. If he tries to throw you it will tech, if not you get a fairly safe and fast jab attack. And if he does delay his crouching attack, your jab will either beat him out or in the worse case trade.

Mind you, you’re gonna have to decide this all in the moment of a couple seconds, but I hope this helps.

Regarding meaty hits, you should watch the Bust Karate Dojo meaty hit tutorial. It’s real good stuff. Now, if the move is invincible or has some type of invincibility (most of the EXs) then your meaty will get owned by the reversal, but depending on how the hitboxes overlap you just might trade. It is possible to stuff (completely beat out EXs) but the timing’s tight, but I’ve seen jump-ins beat Chun-Li’s EX SBK. Check out this thread over at Bust Karate Dojo for a real good look at meaty hits:



Sounds to me like you’re using Ryu.

For exactly the problems you outlined earlier… don’t jump!

Ryu is properly played as a ground based character. Shining did a good job of outlining your options -if you do jump…

but keep in mind… the better option is… don’t jump!

ryu has ground pokes superior to ken, and enough moves to keep him from jumping onto you.

examples. watch for lag on ken’s moves. if he throws a low forward and whiffs… counter with low forward->ex fb.
use standing far forward from forward range to counter ken’s pokes.

instead of going straight into shinsho… use ex hurricane, or ex upper if he’s close.

keep the pressure on him, alternate kara throws, low hits, meaty close forward, and overheads… power up the shin sho and start tossing him around.

good luck.


Thanks for the tips guys.


The reasoning behind this is so that if you commit to a wakeup move of some sort, you’ll have the good recovery of the ex hurricane, or have kept some invincibility or priority without wasting your entire meter if they block your ex uppercut. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

Meaty wakeups will rarely stuff supers. The well-timed attacks will completely jam some projectile supers while trading with some others (urien, akuma).

One very cool exception on the non-projectile supers is hugo’s hammer mountain. That first hit looks high but always seems to have a huge hitting range. If you’re elena and you’re in the deepest hit frames of your sweep, she’ll be too low to the ground to hit and once the invincibility is over, she’ll trip hugo. Another strange one is makoto’s low short against ken’s shoryu reppa.


regarding meaty hits,

i believe that any wake-up move can be stuffed with a well timed meaty. reason: with a well timed meaty hit, you are not stuffing the actual move, so priority never actually comes into play. it is actually a matter of timing, not priority in this case, (I learned this from Frankie 3s the hard way, he can stuff supers with Shoto shorts on wake-up, his timing stops on a dime). you are stuffing the controller motion or rather timing your meaty to stuff your opponents controller motion. this is why Neq’s Shinshoryuken is getting stuffed. Neq, if you will notice your Shinsho is being stuffed between the controller motion and the button press. you will try your Shinsho, you’ll be like “i see low forward, SHIN…NO!! Where Shinsho go?” the best way i can describe it is that you will feel a gap in your execution (between the controller motion and your button press) this is what it “feels” like when you are stuffed clean. if you are confident in your execution then you should realize that you are getting stuffed and not missing your move. get real good and you can do “mid-screen” meaty hits. (meaty hits during pokes strings, after resets, mid-air collisions, etc.) i have noticed that many top players (here in So. Cal) do not actually know that they are performing meaty hits, they are just doing their patterns, and these patterns have brought them much success. it’s hard to acknowledge a meaty hit unless you have been the victim of them (like myself). parry and punish that meaty hit Neq.


I actually have felt this ‘gap’ numerous times KR, at least now I know I’m not a klutz when it comes to execution on wake-ups, thanks for the info. Actually I’ve been working on parrying meatys and going straight into shinsho/exshoryu and damn does it feel good catching his leg on retraction I think after a couple of these he’ll think twice before throwing out that attack :evil: