Meaty Karakusa problems

Let’s say you land a normal throw in the open and want to follow up your pressure with a meaty karakusa.
I’ve tested this many times in training mode and a meaty karakusa can always get grabbed.
If you are in the corner you can space yourself so their grab will whiff but in the open you can’t always do that.
Am I doing something wrong here? Since my karakusa gets grabbed every time, I rely on normal throws to beat their parry/block attempts.
High level Makotos don’t seem to have this problem.

You are 6 frames of throw invul on wake up.

Meaty karakusa isnt technically meaty. You have to delay the karakusa to grab people after they get up.

Karakusa on their wakeup, you get the point.

There’s a big difference between trying to grab people as soon as they get up and grabbing them as soon as throw invul is over.

If you were aiming to grab them on the first frame up, then you cant because of the throw invul. What you’re left with is an issue of conditioning.

@Dayaan could probably give you a better insight if you play him. Are you in FC or 30th?

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I can help if you need anything specific, but what @Pertho summarised is basically all you need to know. Your opponent is throw invulnerable for 6 frames on wakeup, out of hitstun, blockstun and air resets. Meaty grabs aren’t a thing, not even meaty throws. You need to discourage jumps and offground moves on wake-up, and that’s when you employ Karakusa. High level Makotos don’t face this issue because it isn’t even an issue, just a gap in your knowledge, which is ok. Remember that guard jump beats oki throws, which is why the common setup is to tick throw into it.

Also, I’m available on FC2 as my main platform, but I’m also on 30th on Switch and PC, though I try never to use them, so please make an effort to get FC2 if you don’t already… that is, if you want to play.

Thanks, I’m just kinda tired of getting grabbed out of karakusa but I’m relying to much on it.
I play on FC2, but I’m from South America so the connection is gonna be a problem.

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Sounds good. Join this Discord, where it’s SRK members playing 3rd Strike:

We run lobbies and have a tournament coming up hopefully, and we’re open to helping you improve your play. Join and enjoy!

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