Meaty oki setups


Hi, i would like to know how to calculate for meaty setups. How many frames is an untechable knockdown generally?

after the untech. knockdown, how do you calculate with using whiffed moves before the actual meaty move you want to use. (example, sweep, whiff 2 pokes, meaty short)
Do i add all the startup, active and recovery frames of the whiffed moves then add the startup of the meaty move so that the active frames lie on the the first frame of wakeup? PLZ help so i can start creating my own meaty setups without help from others.


You’re overthinking it. While ideally a meaty will hit on the last active frame of the move, the point is simply to force your opponent to block (or to bait some other reaction). You just need to know the “feel” of your moves well enough to hit as they stand. Practice it in training mode by setting the dummy to All Block, and trying to meaty after a throw. Trying to “calculate” it isn’t going to tell you anything.



With enough practice, you’ll just know the timing. But some players do have their ways of setting up a meaty. Such as dashing once and doing an HP after a throw, or some other combination of moves…but they don’t find it by calculating frames, they just mess around in training mode til they find what works for them