Meaty Setups from hard knockdown and Delayed Wakeup.. Old, New, you tell me



Hello everyone Macurra here, you might know me by another name. Just some little things I found out when playing Dudley. Be easy on me someone probably got something like this already but I haven’t been here long enough to see who has to shout anyone out… I got some of the ideas from a Shintroy and DykenSp vid I saw on YouTube and made my own lil setups.

  1. corner only** back throw your opponent, do a jumping attack I don’t think it matters which one, then do Stomach Blow (forward mp) as soon as you land. Stomach Blow is Meaty giving you +5 instead of the +3 which the move gives on its own. Good to link into crouching strong to get the most of a situation.

  2. Same as #1 but instead of Stomach Blow use crouching fierce punch. Crouching fierce punch is Meaty giving you +5 instead of the +4 it gives you. I’ll look back into this one I’m not sure if I get more plus frames than that.

  3. Haven’t gone deep with this yet in terms of where to do it. I did it, I’m the corner though… Back throw your opponent in the corner jump attack with whatever you want but make sure the animation frames are canceled before you land, then crouching light kick. Crouching light kick is meaty giving you +6 instead of the usual +4 it gives you on its own. Is it more? I don’t know you can mess with it and let me know.

The way I tested these was of course, record & playback when I was using Zangief… I was mashing, churning spd’s like crazy so I know they work lol.I wish I had a camera or something to show y’all. I got my phone but it wouldn’t be the same. That’s all I got so yea leave your feedback. Thanks.


  1. Back throw, do an air attack but make sure it doesn’t come out before you hit the floor, then forward fierce is Meaty. Making it +8 instead of the +2 it gets on its own… The later you cancel the air attack the more frames you get from the forward fierce, I was able to ultra from it. 1 frame link

Anything that don’t make sense to you just let me know and I’ll elaborate better.