Meaty Sweep Opportunities

After messing in training mode looking for sweep setups, I noticed that Close Standing Strong has a few meaty frames at the end of it that allow it to link into sweep. I feel like it’s pretty situational, but I figured I’d post about it on here to see what you guys think. Here are a couple of setups I figured out for it keep in mind that you have to be really careful, because the timing is odd and it whiffs easily. feel free to add on:

Back Throw -> Dash -> Cl. St. Strong ->Sweep
Back Throw -> Jump Foward -> Cl. St. Strong -> Sweep
Forward Throw -> Dash twice -> Cl. St. Strong -> Sweep
BnB x RJ FADC -> Cl. St. Roundhouse reset -> Cl. St MP -> Sweep (Corner specific)

oh shit I gotta try this

I dunno if this was new or not but instead of strong I used and got the same result. This find is nice man 'preciate it ya for sharing it.

nice find but what frame does it leave you after they blocked your st strong? is it meaty st strong or no? if not then i know it leaves -4 on block which isnt safe.

I’m guessing it also loses to mash SRK <_<

SimpliztiK: I’m not entirely sure how safe it is on block, but using cl. st. MP as a meaty does cut a few of the recovery frames on the attack. I feel like it’s closer to -2. Also, As Negro pointed out, cl. st. MK also works with this setup as well, although it gives less time to confirm the sweep.

Kikimaru: It does, unfortunately. This setup’s used more as a disruptive mixup with a good read. The good news is that it’ll trade with some weaker DP’s, such as Viper’s HK thunder knuckle and Ryu’s jab DP

I’d rather just max distance sweep if I really need a meaty. Not sure why I would do a meaty anyway, especially one that doesn’t hit low. Don’t get me wrong the combo is nice but there’s much better things to do in all the setups you listed.