Meaty timing/spacing

I’ve been a total failure when it comes to doing meaties in game. Most of the time my opponents just throw me out of them on their wake up. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m probably doing them too late thus they’re grabbing me out of my start up frames.
Any meaty experts out there who has some kind of explanation why this is happening? Do you try to space it so that you’re out of the grab range?

Which character are you playing so I can shuffle it over? Meaty timing is different per normal/character/opponent wake up and the people in the character specific boards can help. I’d guess Ken from your nick…but for all I know it’s Hakan.

You don’t need to space it out of grab range, you just need to ensure that the move connects on the latest possible active frame for a proper meaty. Obviously no one can do it frame-perfect, even with a setup. My advice to you would be to learn a setup for a meaty in your appropriate character sub-forum, it makes doing meaties much easier if you’re still learning them.

The reason why you are being thrown out of your meaty is because you’re doing it WAY too late, let’s use Ryu’s crouching MP as an example. You ideally want to have already finished your 4 frames of startup and be on the last active frame (it has 4) when your opponent rises from a hard knockdown (only an example, you can meaty many other situations), this way you will beat anything that isn’t invincible and you will get the maximum amount of frame advantage for a followup (example, something that is +5 on hit can become +8 because you hit the move in its later active frames). To get thrown out of your meaty with the same example, you would have had to have done the crouching MP so early that you only finished 1 frame of the startup animation before the character you are meatying rises which means that the throw will win because your meaty now still has to go through 3 start-up frames and so does the throw. If a throw and a normal connects on the same frame and the throw is in range, it will win.

If you’re not sure what all this means or just simply don’t care, look for setups in your character-specific forum. :slight_smile:

Well I play a wide range of characters, but let’s just say Sagat or Ryu for example.

I tend to use for both of them, simply for the option select possibility. Last time I checked, Sagat’s also gives awesome frame advantage depending on how meaty you put it so that’s also a factor.

And yeah, I understand the concept of meaties and how the frames work. Does hitbox/hurtbox(I hope that’s the right term) matter a whole lot? Going by concept, as long as you time your meaty properly, any poke should be able to beat their throw/non invincible reversal?

If your having issues with timing, just go to training mode and record gief doing wake up SPD (mash and turbo lol), attempt to meaty him. If you get thrown adjust the timing until you have it down. Some characters have different wake up timing than others though, so you have to keep that in mind.

This is why people design setups for meaties involving whiffing moves in training mode. However, people can delay their quick stand a frame or two in order to make your ‘perfect’ meaty whiff. This is one reason why hard knockdowns are good in this game.

For Ryu use It’s a retardedly good meaty. It combos into U2 without counterhit as a perfect meaty.

It doesn’t matter what move it is as long as your hurtbox connects with their hitbox.

Characters in SF4 wake up at different speeds. Here is a chart of wakeup timings:

Nice reply man.

So op if you still don’t understand, you’re throwing your attack too late. You have to initiate your movie earlier. Practise in training mode to get a feel for it.

I find training mode not really handy for this kind of training. I wanted to practice safe jumps but the only way I found was to record the jump and try some moves with the other character. I think it would be the same thing with meaty. You can also record the opponent moves and do the stuff you want to practice, but how can you be sure the opponent moves are triggered with the correct timing ??

If you’re going for meaty frame advantage, set the opponent to no block and try to do a meaty-only combo.

Like others have said, you can record the dummy to do the meaty and then do wakeup normal SPD with Zangief. SPD has no invincibility but is 2 frames. If the SPD hits, your move wasn’t meaty.

Try not to be so obvious with it?