Meaty toward + MK link into SA2

I was watching the [media=youtube]3pktTH8QkvI"[/media], and starting at 45 seconds or so, they show Elena using a meaty toward + MK and link into SA2 on a crouching Ryu in the corner. Just curious whether anyone actually uses this, as I can’t recall ever seeing it in match vids or elsewhere, other than on this tutorial. I’m guessing the timing is pretty strict (I sure can’t seem to get it :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I was curious if there are Elena users who utilize this link, and land it in matches?

Honestly, I usually just see Elena players land a meaty uoh, xx brave dance. It’s a hit confirm so it’s much safer. If you’re ever fighting an Elena who does and then you see the SA2 super freeze, you can just parry forward and if they didn’t time it perfectly, there’s the inital parry to brave dance, and that’s a pretty easy super to parry.

I dont usually go for it cause the timing on it is really really strick. The Foward - mk meaty to super is not as easy as it sounds. But it is an option

Seems like it would be WAY too hard to pull off consistently. Elena’s best link into SA2 for me is :d: :mp:, but :d: :lk: is also really good to mix things up. Also, :uf: :hp: is fantastic as well, long as no one parries it.
Sorry about all the emotes, I just wish they had these on other websites too. That’d be SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET.

this link is not difficult

Someone is very new to SRK. Yes we do have emotes here. But if u know code u can always use ur own. IMG code my friend

its not difficutl at al people, just risky

just dont become predictable, like with everything else
you can hit confirm this, no?
then again i dont play at a high level (and dont really use elena any more)
is this link rendered useless (too easy to react to) at high level?

Kind of cause she has far better options on wake up.

Its not usless against big characters like hugo and urien and Q who have big ol’ hit boxes.

But still do other things, ya know?:lol:

It’s confirmable but like Ken’s b+MK to SA3 you only get like 1 or 2 real frames to execute the super. You look for the hit stun so you can prepare. Mainly due to the recovery animations of the overhead. Drumming the super definitely helps but it has to be real meaty and the overhead must hit relatively close to the opponent. You can’t connect meaty f+MK at max range and expect it to link.

lol its easiest to do on Hugo *wink wink

Yeah…just dont get parried.

o i wont be doin that crap unless im goona go random

And ive learned never to pull that crap when the opponent is low on health. So even if i see a chance im goona restrain myself ive lost way to many matches because i get to nervous and do something really unsafe. DJ you are a prime witness of how i can go from owning someone to destroying myslelf.

But no more i say! Slams his hammer!


Well thanks for the replies, I appreciate the discussion. I finally got my import copy of 3s from Play-Asia (only 41 days after I ordered it :P), so maybe ya’ll will see me in some vids of recorded replays that actually playback properly :o

I know what IMG code is, dude. I just like the SRK emotes.

just uoh at kara throw range, OR use f+mk. uoh link is more reliable and it beats more things, they can just flat out parry f+MK on standup because they have a year to see it coming with nothing else to look out for. plus i think its more fun to do the uoh link :slight_smile: