how to do it properly , i got wake-up with opponent’s supers…like ken’s sa3


halfwaydown the page…


Assuming that by ’ i got wake-up with opponent’s supers…like ken’s sa3’ you mean that sometimes when you try to meaty ppl you eat super, don’t meaty waking ppl who have filled super bars that can hit you on wakeup, you aren’t gonna stuff that super.

Everytime I wake up if somebody is riding on me I roll super as I’m getting up and if I hear them press a button I set it off. Meaty when they don’t have super, you can stuff tons of shit and you probably will if you are sneaky. Watch that meaty video it’s really helpfull.


let me list out my flaws

local players in the arcade knows about my P-bomb meaty …and predictable

when i try to use over-head(not UOH)as meaty…SHORYUKEN ! ouch

worse …and it is skillful
PARRied my meaty attacks , and sweep me or c.forward on me…
i’ll do about it

and throwed me of while attempting a meaty …rather than wake-up and parry

i use alex …

my common favourite …including everyone …
SWEEP-meaty …again again and …aww it guarded it …

i fear ken , but most average players never abuse SA3-reversal …


About getting supered when you’re trying to put a meaty attack on someone when they’re waking up, you can beat out some supers with your meaty. I’ve beaten out stuff like Akuma’s SAI, Remy’s SAI, and Twelve’s SAI with Q’s crouching roundhouse for example. If the super has invincibility, though, I don’t know which one beats what, assuming the meaty is perfectly timed. I’ve never been able to beat Ken’s SAIII or Dudley’s SAI or anything, and not once has any meaty attack beaten out my Q’s SAI. There was a discussion on whether a perfectly timed meaty would beat a super with invincibility frames back when but nobody was really sure so there was nothing conclusive. Something about whether the meaty attack frames would supersede the first startup frame of the super I believe.


It’s safest to assume that a super will beat a meaty. Also, watch out for EX moves, they beat meaties, too. Parries are another risk, so you have to mix up high/low meaties.

I use alex also and here’s what I do. The overhead, s.hp, will trade with a dragon punch if you time it right. I use to meaty if I have meter. I buffer a super motion so if the mk hits or is parried you can cancel into super. I use and sometimes s.jab if I want to tick into a powerbomb.

Finally, remember not to abuse meaties. Mix them in with blocks, powerbombs, and karathrows.


it depends on the meaty and the super [invincibility and hit type]


meaty with -> p.bomb
meaty with air jab -> bomb

miss-meaty , forward -> DDt

these are good psycology game for alex

or sometime they will jump off when you are about to grab em’ with p.bomb , so after a , just c.fierce …