hey i need to know what is a good meaty for yang to put an end to those bitch dragon punching shoryuken type wakeupmoves, & how do i “scare” my opponent into not using deez!!! all i do right now is just do nothing on my opponents wakeup sometimes when i expect a dp but of course if they dont dp that kind of leaves yang in a funny position lol

Stuffing wakeup DPs with meaty moves is a rather strange area. Seems to be highly inconsistent, and something I wouldn’t rely on.

Best thing to do would be just block, kinda move back and forth as they get up to make them think you’ll do something. Whiff a low short before they get up, that kind of thing.

If they don’t DP, they’ll likely be blocking or parrying, so you’ll have a good chance to get a command grab. Other various mixups come into play here, of course.

EDIT: Oh, some more info for you…

EX uppercut-type moves seem to pretty much always beat meaties. Ryu, Ken, and Akuma’s normal uppercuts are great as well. The others are where it gets murkier…still, I would go with what I posted above rather than trying to beat them.


As Josh said, it depends on which character and DP strength your opponent is using. The following is of course assuming that your opponents are hitting reversal timings consistently.

Ken’s jab/strong DPs are actually pretty easy to beat with meaties, as well as any of Ryu’s normal DPs. With Yang, meaty crouching/close standing forward/crouching short/UOH beats those easily.

Max range crouching forward will lose to Ken’s fierce DP for the first hit, but you can punish him severely afterwards (e.g. cr. forward EX Mantis) because the other hits will whiff. You’re screwed if they cancel into super, but this is good if they don’t have meter.

If they’re using EX/Gouki’s DPs, forget meaties, it’s not worth trying unless you have SA3 activated.

Learn how to bait DPs by whiffing moves (UOHs, st. shorts, jabs, short dive kicks, fake palms, etc) or jiggling back/forth and up/down before they get up. Make it look like you’re going to do something then take a step back and block/low parry. To bait wake-ups you basically have to make people think they’ll get killed if they just block. So if you’re not doing anything your opponent is less likely to feel pressured and won’t start doing rash things (not to mention that whiffing moves also gives you meter).

Or when in doubt, empty jump right as they’re getting up and parry!

Yeah, not too sure about meaties for DP’s. Good meaties in general are cr. Jab, and st. Short. If cr. Jab connects, theny you can stick in 2 more + an ex mantis. st. Short can also connect into ex mantis.

BillyKane threw out some awesome wake-up tactics. Another one I use is to take a few steps back so your opponent thinks you can’t touch them. Then cr. Forward>(EX) Mantis. An early whiffed UOH or something before that might even be better.

wow, awesome!!! thanks everyone!!! all ive been able to do is “boogie dance” or crouch next to my opponent to LURE OUT the dragon punch but now im gonna try jump–>parry and also learn how to whiff in a good way cause whenever i do that they often do not DP!!!