Mecha Gorilla: Hurricane Polymar Video Thread



I was surprised to see that there was no video thread for Polymar, so we might as well start here. If you’re a mod feel free to edit this thread as you see fit. Everyone else, please post Polymar match and combo vids here!

TvC:UAS (Will edit!!!)

Match Videos

Combo Videos

Misc. Videos

Match Videos
SoCal Denjin Arcade Ranbat #2 3-28-09
Morning Casuals: Tronzilla666 vs. RoyalFlush 1-22-09
TvC Casuals: Tronzilla666 vs. RoyalFlush 1-23-09
Tronzilla666 vs. RoyalFlush TvC casuals 2-4-09
Denjin Arcade TvC Casuals 2-7-09

Combo Videos
Up-Canceling Madness with j.C

Misc. Videos


uh…may I ask…why mecha gorilla?

polymar on the loke tests (good combos)



isnt it because of this?



lets just keep posting gameplay vids…ill pretend I never saw that vid

thanks for the acclaration


Oh god that was the worst thing I have ever…ever…ever…ever…



Back on topic, that one combo video with Roll and Polymar is terrible, he’s doing prorated combos and some of the stuff doesn’t even work, lol. Atleast the last combo was pretty bad ass.


Ken…how dare you kick me.

New obligitory win quote for Polymar vs Gatchaman matches.


Pretty cool combo vids (check out the 6 newest). Could the corner Polymer one possibly lead to an infinite?


Casual Matches I recorded yesterday between me and my friend (Tronzilla666):

I’m currently posting matches from today right now!


hmmm maybe, but as you saw there, after the 2nd rep the opp is too high for another one, maybe on chars with bigger hitboxes (Tekkaman) you could add an extra rep beofre going into the air combo --> shinku reset


More casual vids from me are up!


Good shit dude :tup:

Nice to see some Ippatsuman as well as Polymer


^^^Thank you. Since then, I decided to make Polymar/Ippatsuman my main team.

Here’s a new batch of videos:


Cool. I think any assist with a long range attack really helps Polymer since he can deal so much damage on his own.


More casual videos. This time from Denjin Arcade 2-7-09

Check out vid 12. for Polymar Drill -> Ippatsuman air grab


there you go guys, another nice Polymar/Ryu combo

I bet itworks with other assists too, ill investigate and post here


^^^Wow, and no Baroque either. I wish I could do that many up-canceled j.C’s with that much ease. I’ve been messing with some Tekkaman assist combos after Polymar 6C and 623C,C,214C.


(anywhere except in corner) Any combo with charge back, forward+A, Polymar Drill with Yatterman Team Hyper Combo = 30,000-40,000 damage, hits from the supers OTG!

I was experimenting with air dashes earlier and it turns out that some characters’ jumping attacks have hitboxes on their backs. The back of Polymar’s j.C will (strangely enough) hit if you aerial back dash, but it has an easier time hitting taller characters. This means crossup set ups.


Interesting so your saying you can jump over someone and aerial back dash and cross them up with j.C?


yeah I think yatterman and chun li are the best examples of this, their Jump C have ridiculous hitboxes, the other day I got hit by chun jump C C and she was facing the other way