Mecha Zangief This Tuesday!

perhaps the only costume pack really worth buying comes out this tuesday
why am i telling you guys this?
well for one thing and one thing only


yes finally you can unleash the rage of the robotic russian
i have got to say this alt beats the hell out of his mike haggar one from SF4

does it come fully equiped with super armor?

i heard with the custom he takes less damage :stuck_out_tongue:

Fucking hell I’m buying this.

That has to be so false.
This outfit is going to mainstream Gief on live. It’s by far the best outfit in the game.

any pics?

found one. not to be a bummer but it doesn’t look that great. maybe i need to see more pics…

was trying to wait to get the costume back bundle, but this is making it much much harder

dude… color 11, 12 and i think 7 are god like … no body better not pick those colors lol… they ALLL MINE

OMG, this really is the best costume…

I call the color 10 Gold Mecca Gief is all me.

You gonna try to steal my #7 now gonna steal my alt 2 #10. Naaaw I paid first!

Looks so good. I love how the “hair” is semi-transparent.

I like the clanking noises. Even when you crouch!

It’s a weird costume… rather bizarre, but still really nifty. I can’t really complain because they went above and beyond in making mecha-gief, but if they’d added a metallic filter to his voice acting it would have been perfect. Not complaining though! It is the best new costume by a long way.

This costume officially is the most badass of any in SSFIV. I personally rock the #5 platinum Gief. It’s so serious. Everything about this costume is dope, including the sound effects. The Cyclone has never looked better!