Mechanical Arcade Stick

Some friends and I were joking about this and sort of thinking if it would be possible to make a mechanical stick that actually controlled the controller. I know it’s a little stupid but what do you guys think? Possible? Wrong thread? How would (could) it work?

Uhhhh… Sure?

Ok your cool… lol…You can but why make one?? make like button mashers lol

why the fuck would anyone want to do that?

I’m not sure what your talking about can you be more descriptive

I’ve seen it done for guitar hero (check youtube)


Pretty sure bones means a stick that is actually a machine that controls a console controller. You press LP, a little arm inside the stick hits LP. The trouble would be the motor for the analog arm. OP is prolly biting off more than he can chewwwww

Oh, I thought he ment a stick programmed for autoplay…disregard my post :slight_smile:

It’d be like one of those old school ‘joysticks’ that you ‘attached’ to the arrow keys on your keyboard. Except you’d attach it to a controller. But it’d still be ghetto.

Sorry I wasn’t descriptive.
Alright, so you have a joystick that has an arm attached to it and the other end is connected to the analog stick in some fashion. Th buttons are essentially long buttons or levers pressing the actual buttons.
Our problem was this: If you have the now long stick manipulating the controller, your movements will be reversed if it is just straight. Problem with that is now the controller buttons are on the opposite side of the stick that the face buttons. You need to have some joint system where your moves on the stick are the same on the analog stick so they can be on the same side, or system to have the buttons reach over to the other side.

A better question is why not. Yeah it’s stupid but stupid fun as well.

It would be unresponsive. And dont forget mechanical stuff need to be tweaked a lot.

If you do this kind of contraption , i want to see it!

I’m not so sure, i think having a long stick with some sort of loose clamp on the analog stick would be just as responsive as the stick, which is really sensitive as is. If the buttons as just levers it will be responsive as long as it is a simple system.
The more I talk about it the dumber it seems, yet the more I want to do it :wgrin:

You could use pneumatic actuators simply to push the buttons. Then another set of actuators to shift the stick side to side and front to back. :smile:

Sounds cool as a project, but not for practical use.

Actually they made D-pad extension like what you’re talking about for old PS1 controllers. Turning them into a faux analog…I’ll try to think of the name, but they’ve been made and such. I’ll try to think of the maker and stuff.

If you attach a lever to the analog stick the throw range would be a foot long (exaggerating) I think that’s a bit ridiculous.

With how easy it is to make and wire a regular joystick, this sounds like a horrible idea. Good luck!