Mechanical Keyboard + Cherry Type


I’m looking into getting a new mechanical keyboard for playing SFV and I’m stuck on choosing which one to buy and what type of Cherry MX switches would be best.

Currently I already have a mechanical keyboard but the type of switches are Cherry MX Black. I just bought this years ago to try a mechanical keyboard for all around purposes but from what I understand this is one of the heaviest switch type, by that it means it requires more force compare to the other types and there’s no feedback. It’s good for spamming a key over and over but not for release and pressing again at fast speeds.

(Current keyboard w/ Cherry Black)

My criteria for what’s ideal is performing double quarter circle motions. I find that the keys being heavy on the Blacks slows me down and there’s no response from the keys to know when the key has activated and released. It’s really tough on the fingers too.

I searched the forum and most of the results I could see where about mechanical arcade stick buttons, which is obviously not what I’m after. Maybe I missed some resources. These things are pretty expensive so going in blind is bad for anyone which is why I ask.


For actual mechanical keyboard info try Geekhack.

As for pulling off Quarter circle motions on a keyboard?
That is on you to find out what works for you.

Most keyboard gamers are ether RTS, FPS, MMORPG and/or MMOBA players, sometimes RPGs.


Usually Cherry red switches are preferred in those GamerFingers buttons. Red switch has lighter actuation but the same smooth feel. If I remember correctly Corsair mechanical keyboards are mostly available in red switches. When you buy mechanical keyboards with Cherry switches they will specify what kind of keys they have. Cooler Master also have some entry level tenkeyless keyboards with various kinds of Cherry switches for cheap. There are other brands not heavily advertised as Esports keyboards (though not necessarily cheaper) that also come with different Cherry switch configuration.

Hitbox are similar to keyboards in concept (push buttons for keys), but I would understand if you intend to buy a keyboard because it is more than just a controller for games.

Personally I started playing Melty Blood on a cheap rubber dome keyboard. I think I did well apart from the 3 key problem. I have moved on to sticks though.


you should buy a cherry mx sampler like this

Its only about 10 bucks i think. Its the easiest way to know which switch you would like without wasting a ton of money after just reading about it


I still have my stick. I have tried the hitbox years ago. Problem with hitbox was the form; it’s uwieldy like a a standard stick, the buttons are big + spaced apart, and you don’t really have many options for rebinding, particularly if you don’t know the thumb for jumping all the time. Keyboard has a lot of customisation, moved easily, can rest fingers on buttons, and keys are compact. And far cheaper. Hitbox seem great if you have huge hands I suppose or want to get rough.

I’ve narrowed down the switches in my research today from browsing around to the Browns and Reds.

Browns == Blues but without clicking and lighter force required. Also smaller activation to reset distance in browns.
Reds == Blacks but lighter force required.

Here’s a good resource I found with charts measuring the differences;

The fear of going with reds even as the most popular is they’re just lighter than what I have now. This means I would still have the problem of “bottoming out”, where I push the key far further that it need to go. The problem is akin to the 360 controller triggers, where people would introduce screws so they that only push the trigger as far it possibly needs to. If I could keyboard form with that, but the responsiveness of mechanical it would be something special. I found there’s rubber rings you can put under the keys that dampen noise but I’m not sure if they provide more resistance too.

I’m looking into the browns which are as light as the reds but have feedback so you can feel when to stop pressing.

The sample kit costs $23 here, would take a few days to arrive and might not give the full accurate picture of being plugged in with several keys.

I’ll give it some thought over the weekend because it wouldn’t ship until monday no matter what I do. If I buy a keyboard I can just return it for a full refund it it’s not to my needs.


Any chance you live near any B&M/big box electronics stores like Best Buy? If so, they likely will have a few keyboards on display that you can try out.


on ebay they sell the sampler for $10 with free shipping. It ships from taiwan so it might take a while to get it though. Those were the ones I was referring to


Can you just change out the switches, rather than the whole keyboard? That would save some money.


I live in the UK. We do have big electronics store, but they will have a small selection and their staff will start bothering me to make a sale for which you would be paying 30% more than online order. It’s nice to have it at home and trying it in a live test of the game without distractions.

I see they the sample of 8 keys for just over the equivalent of $10 from Hong Kong so I will order that maybe if I get really stuck on making a decision. UK sellers charge more than twice as much.

I believe the switches can be swapped on the more expensive models, but as far as I would guess this one I have is probably soldered/attached because it’s a cheap one.

I’ve made a thread on the keyboard enthusiast forum that Darksakul mentioned to see if they have any ideas. I’ll update if I come to any decisions on what I’m going to do based on what say if anything.