Mechanics/Frames Question

Two questions:

  1. Do active frames stop playing, and immediately go into recovery frames, as soon as the move contacts a hurtbox? Or do all of the active frames play regardless of whether or not the move contacts a hurtbox?

  2. When is a normal move special cancel-able? Assuming the move contacts a hurtbox. Is it during recovery frames? Or during active frames?

Active frames continue to play after contact, but the hitbox disappears. So the remaining active frames are added to the recovery, essentially.

Each move has a designated window during which it can be canceled, and this varies from move to move. The window almost always overlaps with the active frames.


why is the shoryuken ssf4 ae 2012 guide not finished yet? I mean, the advanced techniques section. I am asking this because the sections that have already been written had really useful information.

It’s worth noting that this is how some meaty setups work. If you can time certain attacks to hit a waking up opponent on the last active frames then you open up new combo possibilities.

A simple example would be Ryu’s lp.shoryuken in the corner. If you land it on a waking up opponent on its later active frames you can combo straight into ultra 1 which is not normally possible without FADC.