Mechanics of air torpedo (jumping fierce)?

Do any of you guys use this attack? I know the arms can hit up to 2 times, does the head hit as well? Under what circumstances do you use this attack, if at all? Cool-looking move, though.

If your timing is good you can use it to force 2 parries as a jump in. It’s also a pretty cool combo starter, but not really useful in matches. Other than that its pretty rough to use since it doesn’t really beat much.

I’ve been playing Oro for 4 years and I’ve never used this move in a match. The only time I’ve ever seen it work is as a jump in on Urien as he’s really tall and jump ins are easy on him.

It’s also okay to use on Hugo once in a while.

I like using this move because it looks retarded so i just super jump back and spam it so they get annoyed of me flailing like a dumbass in the back of the screen. I don’t know thats what i use it for and like gimmicks. ex: jump in fierce uppercut.

I use it with a superjump as a trademark move after i’ve one a round.

That’s about it.