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Alright. For those of you who are done with school got hired by a good company i think you’ll be able to relate to this thread (unless recruiting systems are different in your country).

So i just got hired by a nice company and of course there are some requirements i need to fulfill in order to be a full employee. One of them is a med exam and part of the med exam is a stool sample. I will have to go to a clinic, get some x-rays, blood/piss samples and i have to bring a shit sample. Now i just went to the drug store to by a stool jar (or whatever you call it) but they were sold out, so now i have nothing else to use other than a medium sized tupperware or a styrofoam cup.

I don’t know what to use because both concepts are fucking gross, it’s a total waste to use a tupperware but i have nothing to cover the styrofoam other than aluminum foil, and how the hell am i supposed to bring that? I just can’t put that in my bag. Both materials are sitting right infront of me and i am at a tough decision.

Second, why do companies need a stool sample, why isn’t blood or urine examples good enough? I mean if there are certain illnesses or drugs that can only be detected by looking at a persons shit, then why does Mayweather require only Olympic style blood testing and not shit samples? I’m too lazy to do some google research and i prefer to get some answers here in shoryuken, the site i made famous.

If you guys got stool sample stories, place em here.


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What country are you from and do they speak English there?


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That’s the first thing that came to mind seeing this thread.

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Oh, he wanted stool sample stories…

The first time I at real Chinese food, I sampled for a week straight. I almost died. I was so sick, I couldn’t even sip water. I was dehydrated beyond human levels. It was either die or go to a Chinese hospital. I chose to die. I eventually returned from my near comatose state. Still too weak to stand, I slithered to the kitchen and found that rats had eaten my bananas. I cried. Then I bought some cats. But I accidentally killed them with preliminary worm flea/worm treatment. Turns out the solution I had purchased was illegal in almost every country due to potency issues. So there I was, half dead and holding dead kittens in my arms.


Stool sample is usually used to check for infectious diarrhea , either bacterial or parasites ova (eggs).
The other main use for stool that Ive had to do for other patients is Stool Guiac, or Fecal Occult Blood Test.
That checks for microscopic bleeds in Gi system, usually a sign of Cancer.

But I doubt a company is that far reaching in terms of thinking of your safety?


Unfortunately you’ve already failed the stool sample test. The logic behind the stool sample test is to see if you’ll question it. Now you’re just the guy that’ll shit on command.


Every big company here in my country requires stool sampling as part of the med exam.

To Hotobu… No shit i questioned it. I’m trying to strategies as to how to do this.


they asked me to give a stool sample when i was in the hospital with colitis. they gave me this little thing that looked like a film container and a little scraper thing to scoop off a piece of shit and put it inside…i never bothered to do it, they took blood and figured out what wrong with me just fine.


Depends on what job you are landing. Stool samples are routinely collected for what Dangerous J said.
And the other thing is… well you could have tried another pharmacy instead of venting out on GD.

nvm, awesome post.


I think one of them is not pissing off your boss.


I’ve never ever heard of stool sampling for a company. It was always urine, hair, or even blood? Actually, I’ve never heard of blood. You must be doing some security/defense work or something.