Medals List

So I was in ranked today and was in a 1 rd. 30 second match and won by time. I was awarded a new title. “Bitter Victor” a year later and I barely got that. It made me look over player data and my medals list. I’d like to hear some of yours…
So far I have
1749.14 hrs play time
3867 most bp
2297 current
18883 number fights
9217 wins
48.81 % win rate
19 longest streak
9213 won xbl battle
2201 81-100% vitality remain.
3204 61-80
4656 41-60
5847 21-40
3209 31-20
3950 0-10

592 perfects
752 rd won via chip
2627 rd won via ultra
52 rd won via super (LOL!!!)
19073 rd won via reg. move
30 rd won via time
29086 esc throw or did quick stand during xbl battle
30596 perf reversal dur xbl battle
33311 perf counter dur xbl battle
22910 first attacks
2252 dizzy opponents

We will never be rewarded or recognized for any of this crap, except here so jot it down fellow G-men !

635.04 hrs play time
3476 most bp
3109 current
8078 number fights
6448 wins
79.82 % win rate (due to alot of matches in ranked mode, started playing champ mode very late)
101 longest streak (due to playing ranked working on kinks and feasting… this wouldn’t be as nearly as high playing champ mode)
6439 won xbl battle
2486 81-100% vitality remain.
3121 61-80%
3260 41-60%
3021 21-40%
1365 31-20%
1379 0-10%

524 perfects
593 rd won via chip
1952 rd won via ultra
134 rd won via super (I be using EX like crazy)
11478 rd won via reg. move
34 rd won via time
12311 esc throw or did quick stand during xbl battle
9469 perf reversal dur xbl battle
15877 perf counter dur xbl battle
12747 first attacks
1298 dizzy opponents

I started a similar thread, with the match up info so we can gain insight with who has the best success vs. each character. I guess the intent was missed.

And again… Lol!!!

Some folks just got nothin to do but play and get good. Like us I guess

LOL… I think I’m decent. I think there are plenty of capable players out there… I’ve beaten players that I though were better than me and I’ve lost to some pure scrubs before. Fortunatley for me, I work from home so I can dive in training mode or get a few matches in through out the day. At the same time I got my laptop beside me constantly lurking on the srk boards. LOL

really not even 1/4 of you guys :frowning:
but still gonna share

i think 55.98% win rate is decent

263:43 playtime
battle points 3009
most battle points 3319
number of fights 1795
wins 1005
win rate 55.98%
longest streak 23

1003 battles won
229 81%-100%
426 61%-80%
540 41%-60%
673 21-40%
346 11%-20%
373 0%-10%
36 perfects
97 chip
391 ultra
54 super
2015 regular move
2830 escaped throw/quick stand
1715 reversals
3346 counter
2326 first attack
156 dizzied

That’s the spirit , I enjoy that at least someone else wants to share before it all gets wiped away in super.