Media Outlet Section Dead After Forum Upgrade


I used to hang out all the time in ImageMishMash, but since the new forums the entire Media Outlet section of SRK is nothing like it used to be, it’s practically a ghost town.

I believe it’s because of the new structure, you now have to scroll all the way through every other SRK section before you reach it at the very bottom. ImageMishMash used to be such a fun place to hang out, plenty of folks sharing and showing off their photoshop skills, hilarious EVO threads, random gif thread etc, but now it’s just the same 5 people posting :sad:

Is there any chance that the powers that be move the section up, or at least partially collapse the strategy zone (that section is huge!)

Sidenote, I also really liked the old feature where we could add our on media, and people could check out our post and rate them, certainly stopped people from posting random youtube videos in GD everyday. Despite the old system being unstable, it sure did have some cool features that this new system lacks.

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I agree 100% with this, the current layout makes that the sections that are way on the lower end become dessert.
There is 0 reason for the strategy section (and for the MVC3 and SSF4 sections for the matter) to display every godamn character that the game has.


I don’t get it either. I mean it’s cool if the all character categories were shown inside the main games’ link, but showing every character’s name on the index page is just unnecessary clutter clogging things up.


well, define “unnecessary.” sure having shitty games like sf4 taking up my entire monitor is annoying, but probably more people per day click on sections for popular chararacters than imm. i wouldnt be surprised if more people click on just the sf4 ryu section in one day than imm gets in a full week.

imo this is equally related to the changing culture of the internet as it is to the structure of srk. every other post has some stupid meme pic or dumbass video integrated into it. nobody has a reason to look for pics or anything visually stimulating on a board dedicated to other content. maybe people would rather go to reddit or whatever. also avs can no longer be animated (and even if they could, nobody seems interested in having cool customized fighting game avs anymore when theyd rather have a cropped pic of some chick with half of her tits showing), which cuts down the majority of old imm threads. personally i doubt that bringing it closer to the top would accomplish much, but i could be wrong.


You could just have Characters, which could expand upon mouse click, or take you to the Game page with the full list of characters


I miss animated avatars…I miss making AVs for this forum.
I really miss the old IMM.

I agree though, it’d be nice to have the option of collapsing that enormous strategy section. It doesn’t have to be site wide, but can be put in preferences so that when you’re logged in, its collapsed automatically.


I’d be curious in the traffic numbers before/after.


It just depends on how the change/edit is done. I said get rid of the character list on the site’s front-end, but making it collapsible and remembered by account settings is a better approach.

The latter option shouldn’t harm existing user numbers, and shouldn’t have any negative effect on new-user/non-user numbers as well.

Edit: Why isn’t the character list collapsible? I mean that looking at the index, the bullet points being arrows easily gives the impression that they are collapsible. That in itself is a bit of a design flaw, that means any newbie who decides to click on the arrows to collapse will just end-up clicking on something that have no intention of browsing.


That is exactly what I did when the site changed over. I tried to collapse the list and nothing happened. I assumed that the new admins would fix it but its been a long time now and nothing has changed regarding that. I think I may try to find an admin for Vanilla that I can email or something.

30 sec after posting this I went back to the forum page and I actually noticed the +/- buttons on the top right corner of the forum sections head desk and the changes are still there…probably saved in the cookie or something on my PC. I logged in using a different browser and the collapsing I did wasn’t applied there but at least its something.


I used to hang out in IMM a little bit too, but after the upgrade i completely forgot it was there. But we gotta make sure Killer Instinct tries to look relevant all the way at the top of the index though.


I noticed that too, but it’s still not enough. Collapsing those means collapsing 3 or 4 whole categories each just to save space, and not really organizing what you want to access or see when you’re on the main page.

I mean is it something? Sure it is, but it’s a broken kind of something…


Ah yes. Reorganizing the sections would be handy and relevant to my interests. When I think about submitting suggestions to the admins, I get the feeling as if they won’t respond. Like, I haven’t noticed any recent improvements to the site but that’s probably just me.


I collapsed it, but it never saves it


Hrm. I’ve got nothin’. Stop using IE9? lol jk


using chrome lol

EDit: it’s working now, maybe I logged out or something last time


Yeah it works for me as long as I don’t log out/clear cache/delete cookies ;D Nice.


So… nothing? :sad:


+1 to this