Media players/plug-ins with adjustable playback speed

for a while i used winamp (my music player of choice) with a plug-in called chronotron and it worked exactly as i needed. sadly it expired and requires payment to continue using it so i’m wondering if there are any similar alternatives for this purpose. i’d rather keep using winamp but i can’t find any comparable plug-ins. i wouldn’t mind using another program as long as it’s extremely light on resources and does not result in erratic fluctuations in speed after adjustments. this is going to be used to play audio files at a faster rate (125% or 150% usually).


Media Player Classic or VLC.

thanks. sorry i didn’t follow up on this earlier.

i actually have mpc but there are drastic differences in speed when adjustments are made. one step up from normal is like alvin and the chipmunks and i can’t find anything in between. vlc works well, but it doesn’t pause or resume immediately when i press it. it takes about half a second to do it, which is annoying when listening to speech. also, it crashes often when taking steps forward or back, or when pausing or resuming, all of which i need to do often.

thanks for the ideas though. i’ll stick with vlc for now unless someone knows one without the issues i mentioned.