Media Press badge questions


I just got approved for a media press badge but had a few questions I didn’t answered in the confirmation email and I am hoping some of you with previous press badges can answer. I don’t wanna bother inkblot and ponder for simple questions if you guys know.

  1. From my company, only I applied for it but I have 3 people with me to take video and pictures and help with the equipment. When I pick up my badge, do they also get it since they are with me or do they need to all apply separately? The only reason I ask is because I have to proof of employment with the company (which is fine) but my 3 friends help with the company but are not technically part of it even though they help on a daily basis.

  2. Does the badge grant me access on stage to take photos and video?

  3. What are the limits and restrictions on where/when/how much I can do?

  4. Do my helpers need to buy a Sunday day pass even though they are not attending for evo, but just to help record/take pictures.

Thanks in advanced


MMDS jr reporting


I just know for 2. No stage access.


inkblot PM’d me, all my questions answered. Thanks anyways!