Medieval 8 Button Arcade stick fighter


Hey guys this is a game I’ve been working on although difficult without electricity, managed to snag some computer time on some one else’s computer just wanted to post this up.

The game shares features in common with Castlevania and Street Fighter.

Look up Darkaclypse on indiegogo for further details, took the link down

To Preppy; Sorry if it’s suspect ill take the link down and just put some info


I think it’s really going to be difficult getting funding for this thing without any gameplay video or other sign of some substantial work on your end, unfortunately.

Good luck with your fundraiser nonetheless.


lol u dont have electricity…?


sorry 500 dollars to fundraise is too suspect.

Like 2 weeks at mcdonalds and you have your game already. show me proof that this is actually real.


You didn’t read the FGD Rules. I’m breaking your link. Please PM me if you feel this was unfair. Fly-by-night posters posting fundraising links is highly suspect.


Did you say, 8 buttons?


8 buttons? Weak. With a KB and mouse you can have like 20 button fighters.


8 Button… Arcade Stick Fighter?

Does not compute.


It’s designed to run on

I have a

Which is okay but the stick isn’t as good as the 50-150$ custom sticks. The buttons are okay, its basically the same construction as Logitech dual action but giant so I don’t expect them to be durable.

I got mine for $10.53 last year.

Which is a arcade parlor type stick with 8 buttons

Street fighter 4 is designed around these 8 button arcade sticks as well as my game.

It’s not exactly funny for some one like me who is really into computers and games. But yeah I don’t have a grid tie electricity at home and often don’t have power.

The closest mc donalds is 13miles, I have a car but it’s broke down, I also have a bike but I have no ID that is valid to prove work in the U.S. mine is expired, Im poor. If I wasn’t poor I wouldn’t even be asking for funding and I wouldn’t have even announced my game in this early state.

Sorry, I have been reading shoryuken since 2010 just never made an account. You can find Valvados at other places such as demon souls wikidot, eventhubs, sfxt mod zetboards and more I realize this doesn’t prove anything but I never really had anything to share at Shoryuken because I’m not that good at street fighter I just really like it. I felt that I could share this game here but I realize it doesn’t look legit, I’m hopefully going to post a video of me working on the game tonight.


8 buttons is not “arcade” as the arcade standard (JAMMA) actually only allows for 3 buttons, with an extra 3 buttons via harness.

As for the game itself, it looks nothing like a fighter. Rather it seems more like a platformer/beat 'em up with PVE content. Heck, I’d even go out of my way to say that it might not belong in FGD (but I’ll leave that up to @Preppy to decide).

For other specifics:
-PhysX? No thanks. Competitive fighting games work best when everything is predictable and precise. Using a detailed physics engine could possibly add layers of unpredictability.
-Proximity based damage? I question this since it seems to encourage getting in and going ham instead of learning the precise coverage of the hitboxes and using those to your advantage, if you are even using hitboxes.
-PVP Mode… isn’t PVP the main point of a fighter… oh wait, it’s pretty clear that this isn’t one.
-Character creation… EWW.


It’s controls are a mix between Street Fighter and Dark Souls.

The top four punches are weapon attacks.
The bottom four kicks are counter, block, dodge I mistakenly took the controls off of the campaign when I was refreshing some of the paragraphs but since my first campaign expired I will have to re-post

A medieval fighter can’t particularly kick, or it isn’t advantageous so I put the blocking, counters and dodging in there, dodging isn’t a feature I have definitively decided on either so it will be animated last. Mostly because of backwards backwards dashes ect.

PhysX is just going to be used for effects and background stuff not the animations or hits.

I am not using hitboxes for balancing, proximity gives it a more medieval range weapon feel, although its only a 30% difference on damage so it’s just rewarding for people who know how to attack from the proper distance and gives bosses a more challenging mode.

Yes it is a fighter, the main game is designed around Street Fighter, but yet something new.

Character creation is going to be like Dark Souls, I don’t think the game will have any characters as I’ve personally always prefered customizable world of warcraft, demon souls, skyrim type characters.

I don’t expect everyone to like the game and I don’t expect everyone to like Street Fighter either. No one I know likes Street Fighter.

Default Controls, fully customize-able curtsy of Unity’s built in system.
8Button Arcade Sticks
Joy = Jump, Crouch, Forward, Back
4 = Action
8 = Target
5 = Stab
6 = Slash
7 = Swing
1 = Block
2 = Dodge
3 = Parry
9 = Unique (Kick)
10= Menu/Inventory

WASD = Jump Crouch Move Left, Right
Q = Action
E = Target
J = Stab
K = Slash
L = Swing
U = Block
I = Dodge
O = Parry
; = Unique (Kick)
P = Unique 2
Esc = Menu

Dualshock 3, 4
La = Left Right Jump Crouch
X = Action
R3 = Target lock
[] = Stab
^ = Slash
R1 = Swing
L1 = Block
O = Dodge
L2 = Parry
R2 = Unique Combo
Ra = Unique 2
Start = Menu/Inventory
Dpad = Additional movement option
Select = Macro / Communication
L3 = Macro 2

fdf = Special Attack


Can we at least agree that it’s not really a fighter and that this thread most likely belongs in either the Media Outlet or Other Games subforums?


I told you it’s a fighter. It uses fighter sticks. It’s a 2d fighter with a medieval theme and other game mode options like Ehrgeiz, Street Fighter Alpha 3. There’s going to be a lot of modes but more modern unique modes. The main game is fighting. You fight bosses just like in street fighter and soul calibur i dont know how clearer I can say it I thought my above post explained it just fine.

Theres no stats, experience or leveling. All stats are fixed damage.


I don’t see any gameplay footage etc so I have nothing comment upon. I briefly searched online but then I carried on with my life.

I would very strongly suggest that if you don’t like a thread don’t post in it and bump it. PM a mod (or that user) if you have metamoderation concerns. :tup:


This sounds like a cool game but frankly nobody can trust you because: you have no gameplay footage at all (not even a proof of concept) and your terminology way off.

Get it into a workable state and then push for kickstarter/steam


I’m going to lock this for now because there’s nothing to talk about. Peace. :tup: