Medium Buttons?


I think I have it figured out, but can someone tell me which assists to use for my team of Magneto/Storm/Sentinel?

Thanks again.

P.S. I’m new at this game so if anyone could give me some tips it would be greatly appreciated. I have a decent amount of experience in other fighters such as SF (I’m a Sagat whore but I’m not that great).


i think it’s:

magneto - projectile
storm - projectile
sentinel - ground


When you get better with Magneto and Storm try using Sentinel with rocket punch assist, it’s a painful combination to be on the receiving end of. But Sent drones is the safe bet.


What about a Cyke/IM/Psy team? I usually put them all to AAA cause I have no idea what else to put them as. :frowning:


Cyke is fun to use as a point, and can build meter pretty well with x 5. His j.down+fp and Summer’s family have great priority, with down+fp beating Storm’s launcher.
Now onto the use of assists… Having all 3 as AAA isn’t a bad idea. Psylocke is great against rushdown and easy IM infinite setups. IM can cover the screen and provide general cover, and can be a pain in the ass for Magneto’s who don’t deal with him immediately. Cyclops provides a nice horizontal range for AAA as well, which works well against flying Sentinels.

If you were to change it up I’d consider only thinking about going IM with projectile, but I feel his AAA is superior as an assist.