Medium into super on reaction help

considering chun li is my best character and i finally had the common sense to put her in C-groove where she’s most damaging (instead of A-groove), i realized i need to master medium into super on reaction for her to be on the next level.

basically i’m asking for any help on the topic. from button pressing tricks, different joystick motions, practice tips, whatever.

right now i try to do one qcf then hit mp. if it hits, i do another one and press mk for a level 2. but i’m having some trouble on getting it consistently and i’ve been practicing a lot.

i’ve heard chun li has something like a delayed buffer where you can input the mp and the super command, and the super will come out if the mp hits, and it won’t come out if the mp is blocked. can anybody tell me what’s the deal with that/how it’s done?


Do down + MP, forward, d-f + kick.

hmm, popo hows your left hand? cuz i found that my left hand sucks and it just cant handel the speed required to do the double qt circle motion in the time that chungle hits and the time where its too late.

PS. popo youre using a arcade stick right?

i’m actually left handed and i’m using my agetec. i’d imagine the japanese gate would make it easier to do on reaction because i can pump qcf’s out quicker, but it’s still tough.

i’ll have to try that method pokesyou. it looks like a shoryuken motion basically. i’ve never thought of it that way. so you use a crouching medium into super? that’s interesting.

does anybody know if there are more frames from cancelling a crouching medium punch than a standing medium punch with chun li? maybe somebody out there has the cvs2 famitsu guidebook and could hook me up…

c. MP, SHORYUKEN + KICK BUTTON works pretty well actually! it should work even better if you use " the negative edge." SO your basic links would be c.LP, c.LP, c.MP (hold MP), Kick SuperYOU should get into the habit of using " the negative edge," it’s like MILK, good for you!!!

By-nary the way…

What is this MP into KICK SUPER that only comes out if the MP hits. If anyone knows about this, or can confirm this is true, please post! THANKS!!!

Gandido’s Chun faq (on gamefaqs) has an explanation of this. It’s called option select.

I think that method only works in 3rd strike? (the method where the super only comes out if the attack connects)

And Bynary you are not explaining negative edge correctly. Holding down the mp is an example of avoiding the negative edge.


a) Delayed Buffer into Super trick: Chun-Li’s most abusable normals are her best offense. There is a way to time the input for the supers in which the supers will only come out if the normal made a succesful hit. The timing is strict, but it is just before the opponent’s character finishes his hitstun state animation. Usually, when hit, the bufferable frames in any connecting normal seem to increase (this could be wrong…but it’s a working technique, so why bother explaining >=)) In other words, if you learn this timing, you can abuse her normals and every single time that it hits, your super should come out, regarless of your reflexes (kinda like Chun-Li’s low forward in SF3: Third Strike :))

anyway, he basically says it’s there, but i’m guessing that the timing is really tight. if anybody has actual frame data that could tell me the frames that are cancellable using this tactic, then that would be appreciated.

does anybody know if most players use this tactic, or just do it on reaction?

Just push the strong, pump the motion and if you see it hit finish it off by hitting the kick button. Just takes lots of practice.

Basically what other people have been saying. There’s no special guarenteed technique other the good reactions and practice. It’s definetly possible and all good players will do it if they can. Makes Chun the BS that she is.

Yah, but try that on a blocked and…

Edma, prodigious C-Yun. Major props.


what if they block? then you’re screwed because you’re wide open to whatever.


thanks. really nice yun and precise chunners. you must practice that chun li shit like a madman, i don’t think i saw you miss more than 3 or 4 landed mp’s into supers in both of your vids.

and do you find it easier to do the super on reaction from a crouching or standing mp?

The reason I can sorta do it decently is cause I’ve already practiced doing it with Ken in 3S. I sorta just noticed it with Chun in CvS2. It’s about the same timing for both 3S Ken low forward and CvS2 Chun low strong I think although Chun might actually be a bit harder, I’m not totally sure. Low strong is easier for me I think but I haven’t really messed with stand strong too much although I know you can do it with stand strong. But I just use it if I know it’s going to hit for sure like on whiffed sagat fierce or whatever.

Yo its just someting you have to practice. I think most player just do it on reaction. You dont really have to be a Robot and buffer the motion all the time.

When you Play casual just try to land to super when you think you have an opening. dont worry if you miss it or not. I should build your reaction time.
If you practice doing then Neutral qcf2 super it should also improve your super motions.
Ive seen that shit its all about reaction.

C .mpxx wiff level2 super cancle= death for you:( she is too stressful for me. she is mad/flashy though…

But usually in this game whiffed pokes = bad.

Unless you’re sagat

Well hot damn, it makes perfect sense. Why do I not know this…

Umm…Daigo was doing alot of random SRK’s to fuck with ppl. They didn’t connect.

Its what Gandido said , but in other words, you get a few extra frames to decide to do the super or not to super. That’s all.

If you already know everything, you can’t learn anything.

Thanks Gwai Lo 1/2

I thought holding down the button was the negative edge. Thanks for the correction.