Medium Spring Switch for Perfect 360

hey all…was wondering if anybody knows where to purchase a joystick spring ( medium/soft ) aside from the standard stiff happ perfect 360 spring, i’ve gone thru alot of arcade shops and tried Happ directly but they only carry the stock version :mad:

I mainly play guilty gear atm, i have a JLF stick as well, but i was hoping a lighter spring on the Happ 360 would change my gaming preference.

I don’t think any of the other Happ springs are compatible with the p360. You have to break in the p360 spring.

All happ spring fit
buy spring for Ultimate joystick
or burn oryginal spring on fire

you need screw and two mats, this important without mats, it will bend bad
put on gas cooker (vertically!) on 2-3min , small burner

if your looking for that “MEDIUM SPRING” you need this one
Happ part # 95-1309-01

chad a lizardlick sells it for 2 bucks.

i asked him to order it along time ago so i could see if it was softer than p360 spring… its alot softer… but not as nearly as soft as stock competition springs.

it feels like a OVERLY used p360 that you dont have to break in and you wont churn butter anymore.

also on this spring… one side is a little smaller in diameter than the other… the smaller side goes into the rotational disc type washer thing… its the little black circle right under the PCB shell.