Meet Miss Average from around the world

a computer works out the most common face in each country.

Theres an African American face but no White American face…

Read more: Average female face: The Face of Tomorrow Mike Mike project | Mail Online

most indian women are not that cute

and miss average puerto rican is fucking sexy

Sample of only 100 women?

I wonder what Canada’s average woman would look like.

Miss French is looking good.

girls are grody

miss Peru, african american and miss thai are looking good.

Miss Samoan looks scary.

Sheeesh, I WISH the average female looked like these women.

I’d bang all of them.

I was hoping they’d use the burka joke :wonder:

You beat me to it.

Is this like “average” on Dr. B’s fully realized New Earth?

You do know that India has a population 1,5 billion right?
So i doubt you have seen ‘most’ Indian women, not even the Canadian ones.

not buying this…

specs u still doing that Dr.B shit?

The average american woman would be obese.

Bunch of people may be wondering why these faces are attractive, and not “average”.
Its because composite faces are naturally more attractive to people than real faces. Some psychology study shit.

Miss Samoan, you are the weakest link.

I didn’t know African American was a separate race from just being of African descent.


By this logic why did they not include American adaptations of all the other ethnic groups. This has always been such an awkward, clumsy, state of being for some. Just say you’re African and be done with it.

Average indeed.

what i came to say.

Because the shit got out of control with the political correctness.
African-American=obsolete term stupid ass term to separate people.

West African-American
South African-American
Central African-American

I’m going to ask my dad am I West African-American because I need to know, for closure.

I’m calling shenanigans on Thai, don’t look like any Thai I seen.

Thank you a million times.
I’m white and I hate that term.
As if white people were called Euro-Americans or something.