Meet Raz0r At Evo!


Many of my fans will finally get a chance to meet me at this year’s EVO.

Yes, I will be there.

Yes, I will have lots o’ beers and be rowdy.

Give me a PM, make an appointment to shake my hand, a General Discussion legend.

I’ll be in Vegas on Saturday, July 16, but will only attend EVO on the 17th. Still, I will be around with a whiskey and/or beer in hand and willing to give autographs. I will not take photos.

Please make your appointments here. Thanks.


I’ll like to schedule one for the 17th at 10pm.

I’ll be in the back room with my dick through the glory hole.


last year they made you forfeit all drinks at the door so

i propose meeting in front of the ferris wheel where you can drink all you want for half an hour instead


After hearing this “news” I will now not attend EVO after attending the last 4 years.

Be there when fatguys emasculate Ramon again at that fatso food place.


So the line to punch you in the face begins where?


Lol you’re going to have to fight off SOOO many Smash fans to keep those front row seats, best of luck to you


I know people working there so I can get it just given to me as I’m sitting front row.


Doubt I’ll have to really fight anyone. I bought those seats so they don’t have any claim to them. They will have to vacate as soon as I scram. That’s why I was all about assigned seats.


Murder is legal in Vegas right? Or am I thinking of something else.


Define legal.


WTF? You’re going to EVO to go 0-2. Anyone coming to see you is coming to watch you go 0-2. Nigga, if you don’t sit your illusions of grandeur having ass down…


There’s gonna be a ton of people going 0-2 with how stacked GG is this year.


It’s not murder if they self identify as animals.


I think he’s going to spectate and stop those filthy smashers from sitting in the front row.


I’m not competing. I have to see some people and work while there. Sunday is the only day I have free.


Thank goodness.

Does the Smash populace’s smelling like animals count?

What about Weeaboos?


You’ll at least get to see Machaboo snatch the title away from Ogawa, should be pretty sick


And that’s the only reason I’m even going to watch any of Evo, this year.

It’s the only game worth watching this time.

So I’m just going to stream it.


It’s the only one I’m interested in atm as well. I’ll probably end up watching some Marvel, and maybe a side stream of Vampire Savior or Melty Blood or something, but GG is going to be on another level. So many killers this year


Razor at evo

smash kids want his seats

  • don’t even ask
  • will just sit down because they are open,
  • or will be there before he gets there stinking it up.

Here comes a (volunteer not even paid with this event seating money judge/usher/TV carrier)

Sir, I mean Ma’am I mean whatever, you’re going to have to give up your seats.

and then Razor never attended EVO ever again.