Meet the pro players

Im in tokyo for a couple of days and i would like to meet daigo, tokido, mago, tokyo pro players. Can anyone tell me where i can find them ?
That would be really nice.

Fucking stalker.

You must journey to the top of Mount Kumotori and meditate for 5 days without food or water. On the 6th day they will come to you.


Help this man

Too bad that’s not even close to Japan, Mount Fuji it is.


"Taito Station “Big Box” Takadanobaba.

Takadanobaba station. It’s on the Yamanote line, 2 stops from Shinjuku. There’s a gigantic box-shaped Department store labeled “Big Box”. He’ll be on the 6th floor."

google sometimes… google.

Note It would be wise to double check if Daigo still frequent those Arcades. The info is 4 years old.