Meeting other players on XBL: SkullgirlsSRK Metatag


A few weeks ago I made us a metatag for organizing matches on XBox Live. Even though it’s in the title of the sticky up top, it hasn’t gotten much attention. So, this thread is mostly to point out that it exists, and hopefully get a few more people on it.

To use it, add SkullgirlsSRK to your friends list. If I don’t get around to adding you in a timely fashion feel free to PM me, I’m a busy college student and I don’t check the metatag every day.

After you’re accepted you can view SkullgirlsSRK’s XBL profile, and look at it’s friends; that will show you who’s online and who’s playing what right now. Just shoot them a message and schedule yourself a match

[s]Since this thread IS a little bit redundant, also see Gamertag sharing thread [XBL metatag is 'SkullgirlsSRK']

If anyone has any questions about the metatag and how it works, feel free. If the mods want to close this thread for being redundant, at least give it a few days so people can see it/ask questions without having to resort to PM (that way it’s archived)[/s]

So is there any matchmaking for the 360 version or is everyone sour on it

I’ve added the metatag, and I see it in my friends list. It’s offline though? Is this right? How do I go about inviting people to games?


Check the Metatag’s friends list and invite people who are online. It’s on the second page of the profile thing.


The metatag will always be offline. Just find it and view it’s profile, go to the second tab (by hitting right) and click “View Friends”. There’s usually someone online playing Skullgirls


everyone please join this, its hard to find nice long sets with high level players with good connections randomly


Also note, I don’t check it every day. So it may take me up to a week to approve you, sorry about that. I try to check whenever I remember, though.


Okay, so after a long hiatus from Skullgirls (waiting on this patch has led me to play UMvC3 and SFxT in the downtime) the metatag back up and accepting friend requests again. If anyone else wants the username/password for the account let me know, that way we can get multiple people accepting friend requests.

We’re up to 68 people on the metatag, hopefully we can fill it up to 100.

Excuse the necro-ing of the thread, sorry


Just sent friend request. I have a difficult time finding people online to fight against so hopefully this helps.


Just sent a request. GT is Sr Lopez


How have I not seen this before, holy shit


I also added it, add my GT if you’d like to play! Xbl GT: Oh Turano


Anyone on the east coast/midwest?


Ontario Canada here


I’m in Georgia


hm, not sure what kind of connection we’d have but we could try (either of you two)