Meeting Soomighty, Rowtron and Jusin Wong?


Meeting Soomighty, Rowtron and Justin Wong?

Last year I and many other players assumed that we would be able to meet the top players if we travel across the country to Evolution. And I even told my friend that I might ask Soomighty for some advice from him about Magneto. But when I arrived I found that completely immposible. I could not ask him a thing because I did not want to bother him or come off looking like an idiot. Me and other players have had this experience, and we are afraid of being blown off like the notorious Justin Wong fries incident.

Its a very odd experience to be standing in a room and see someone that you have read about for years on SRK and studied their combo movies and have to think "oh wow, that is Soomighty over there with his crew or that is Valle, and have to look away really fast. And I know you are going to flame me for posting this but I’m only being real. Some of these people are heroes to a certain extent, because of their abilities and personality. I and my friends respect Soomighty, because he uses msp and tries to fight in an honorable fight.

Anyway, I guess this problem can be termed as the "Justin’s Fries Complex:lol: wherein you want to approach a top player but cant. But I think this can be easily solved. The top players or personalities as the case may be, could sit in some type of table or area which would be open for questions, advice or just to say “hi I think your great”. Sort of like a meet the players table.

The top players would be happy because they would be able to know when a random person was going to come up, and the public would have greater access to them without resorting to Mcdonalds bribery. The same goes for girl gamers. Last year they were surrounded by their crews/boyfriends. I think I did see one brave soul say hi to Tacochan, even in the face of being possibly killed/maimed by Shady. And I cant forget how on sign ups night I saw a crowd following the girl from Tech TV, at which point she began to walk faster and then run, I assumed, away from them. That isnt right.:lol This situation needs to be addressed.

I think tournaments have always lacked organization in this respect. Srk has always been on the cutting edge of throwing the best tournaments. We wait and save all year to attend, Its the SuperBowl of gaming. And who ever is going to tell me to get a life, look this IS a big part of my life, I have been practicing all year and so have YOU, so stop pretending. Btw, if you doubt that this is the case, I have included a quote posted about this same problem at ECC8.

Well here is my suggestion, I hope the administrators and moderators take it in to consideration.

Ps I will also include a link to a thread that has another very good suggestion, I hope they take in to consideration.:cool:


dang dogg, so u travelled to evo to meet thsese players and didn’t say nothin? Bothersome or not, i’d be damned if i spent cash to fly to a tourney and meet people, and not even say ‘sup’ or introduce myself. Shoulda played em a few matches during casuals then said soemthin, thats prolly the easiest ‘ice breaker’.


damn dood, just go up to them and break the ice…that’s what i did when Jwong came to TS3 in March…Desmond was just quiet but he’s a cool kat…discussing MvC2 strats and what not…i mean, the worse they can say is “get the fuck outta my face” afterall, they are human just like us…but as far as my encounters with top players, they all seem pretty cool to me…i mean, if you can’t go up and break the ice with a gamer, how the hell would you even approach women?:confused: :stuck_out_tongue:


i understand that somepeople are just hardcore fan boys and all but why should the tournament try to compensate for peoples or better the lack of social skills? 0_o


Meeting Soomighty, Rowtron and Justin Wong?

What is the Justin Wong fries incident, anyways?


I’ll smoke you out.


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Just talk to them… Team Hawaii got vids with alot of the top players last year. Either you speak up or let your gaming do the speaking… if you play well they will talk… nothing will come from being timid…


me and couple of friends played cards (deuces) with justin wong and his broken chinese last EVO. it was fun. though we did try to get him to play for money to take some of his money, but to no avail. oh well.


Meeting Soomighty, Rowtron and Justin Wong?

This is a horrible, horrible idea. For a number of reasons.


Re: Meeting Soomighty, Rowtron and Justin Wong?

Why’s that? that’s one of the best ideas yet. I would love to meet them. And I think SRK already tried to do something like this with the name tag thing, but it didnt work out.


ok mr.torrance


Yeah, what about it. We know you sure as hell aint from The Empire, now that they disowned you. Who’s in your crew now Hittler? :lol:


I’ll be signing autographs for $20 for anyone who is interested.

…give me a break.

Gamers are just gamers. They are normal people. Most “top players” are really cool guys to chill with in real life. They are not cocky people who are going to brush you off like nothing if you just come up to say “wassap” and that you respect their skills. A lot of people came up to me to congratulate me for beating the Empire at ECC, and I didn’t get pissed off or act like a snob; I was actually surprised, and I thought it was pretty cool that so many people supported me. If any player does act like a dick, well, thats their loss. Let them be miserable.

But if you’re afraid to go up to a more well-known player and introduce yourself, and give them some respect, then I really feel bad for you. There doesn’t have to be an “autograph table” at EVO or any other tournament; the idea itself is absurd, because SF players aren’t celebrities, they’re just normal people. And they shouldn’t be made out to be celebrities either, because 99% of them don’t want to be. Trust me, Justin Wong does not desire hundrededs of fanboys to be all over his nuts at every tourney he goes to. But at the same time, he’s not going to mind if you say “wassap” and give him some respect. Same thing with the female players: if you want to meet them, get some balls and do it. Just don’t be some disrespectful asshole and say something stupid.


Nice one man! well said…this should give a good explantion to all :):)!


“Top Players” are normal people like you and me. If you come up and introduce yourself in a friendly manner they’ll most likely respond with a good attitude.

I’ve met a variety of top or well known players and I have yet to come across one who acts like a complete ass or have one blow me off when I introduced myself.

Just be sure to make your introduction when the person you wish to meet is not busy (i.e. Playing a match.).

So just play it cool, don’t get nervous and be yourself. Do that and everything will be gravy.

Worse comes to worse just follow 'em to the bathroom and corner 'em in one of the stalls. :lol: j/k