Mega Archive of Pre-03 Crash SRK threads


To those who dont know, there was a complete SRK forum crash in 2003, wiping out pretty much everything, …every thread, every post…
Just recently after trawling thru my archive, I’ve finaly managed to find every pre 03 crash thread I’d saved, sorted them into respective game folders and hosted them up here to download.
There are literaly 100’s of threads, many dating back to the very begining of the SRK forums. The majority are for MvsC2, for which there are over 300! (this was THE big game of the times), tho there are quite a few for other games too.
I imagine much of the info they contain may be outdated in this age of matchvids and Japanese translations, but there may also be a fair amount of lost knowlege, and certainly alot of ‘historicaly’ interesting stuff…

So here it all is, enjoy:

*most of the threads are saved as .txt files of the ‘show printable version’ ‘all posts on one page’ type. Sadly this was shortly before I discovered the joys of .mht documents.
*some threads are .txt files saved directly from the forum view, so can be a little trick to read, but everything is in there.

Great to see that this stuff means as much to other people as it does to me.
Massive thanks to everyone for the Rep, pls leave Ur names when reping because I dont know who to thank. Just looking through again, I noticed that one of the few sorting mistakes I’d made was that the big plot thread called:
"Forums - The Warrior Tales Storylines of SF (Q & A thread).txt"
was put in the ‘MvsC2’ folder instead of the ‘Plot etc’ folder. This was the biggest thread thread in the whole archive, and no doubt a product of many years painstaking research, so worth singling out I feel.


Do you consider yourself an OG member?
Any Old Skool SRK Members Still Around?



Amazing! Thanks for this! :smiley:


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Damn this is awesome. I never did get to read some threads. Good shit man.


To call this “awesome” is an understatement.


Crayfish always coming through.

Now, this is a long shot but did you happen to save any of the stuff from I remember there was a pretty lengthy A-groove thread over there.


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Great stuff…let’s see if I can find some old posts I made back then


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use another filehosting site than MegaUpload with its shitty toolbar

use Filefront… it is the most reliable


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There’s a method to bypass Megaupload’s gay toolbar by editing your cookies. I dunno if it’s fine to post it here so google it; you should find it pretty fast.

BTW, this thread is godly.