Mega Bomerman - Top Players wanted

My friend and I have been playing a lot of Mega Bomberman on Genesis (via emulator), and are looking for new people to play against.

I’ll assume most of you are somewhat familiar with Bomberman already. Mega Bomberman has the classic bomberman items like extra bombs, bigger flame, and kick. A couple of things new in Mega Bomberman (though they might have been in some of the other later Bomberman games, too) are an item that lets you place all of your bombs in front of you in a line and kangaroos, which let you take an extra hit and have special abilities like jumping, kicking walls, and kicking bombs (similar to the punch glove in Super Bomberman for SNES). These things add to the craziness and add new levels of strategy to Bomberman.

The game may seem simple, and it is; it’s definitely an easy to pick up. But there are a lot of strategies and mind games you play with your opponents.

All you need to start is wgens emulator (with the Kailerra client) and the rom. Feel free to ask any questions here or to set up matches. edited by fatherbrain AIM Blockable Laser

I’d be up for a game sometime, me and my brother used to play this all the time, it’s our favorite of the Bomberman games. (Even had the multitap thing for genesis for it back in the day.)

Though sadly, my brother was always better than me, it’d be cool if he wasn’t my younger brother.

Anytime you want to play just IM me, or you can give me your AIM name if you have one. It is truly one of the best bomberman games.

I don’t really play Super Bomberman since the items and speeds are different. It seems like in that game, you move too fast. Traps can be easily avoided.