mega crash

Do you think that the game whould be more balanced if it had the mega crash in it? cause I think it whould

this is most likely going to be locked .

but short answer is hell no ,

The whole reason mega crash isn’t in the game is because the developers feel it wouldn’t be true to Marvel to have a game where you can break out of the damage you take. What made Marvel punishing to play was that you always took the damage you got hit unless it was dropped or a reset was set up. It wouldn’t hurt the game but it’s not really necessary either. The whole point of the game is to be cheap and punishing and force you to have really strong spacing and reactions to setups for mix ups. Burst system is in way too many combo fighters any way and it’s good to have a combo based fighter where people actually take their damage and get forced into cheap shit again.

It’s the oldest school of the new games and that’s what I like about it.

No, look at TvC.
It had Megacrash, but eventually there was a technique called “Megacrash baiting” which made it somewhat a 50/50 thing, way to expensive for a technique that costs health and 2 bars imho.

Megacrash in a game like this would just make the hardcore rage, and it could be as bad as X-factor. Megacrash basically allow you to completely piss over assist if you see them on screen. You could megacrash throws, projectiles, etc it would create hard knockdown. So while it would give you the ability to stop Tron/Hagger, you have gave Wolverine a insane corner control tool at his figuretips. In many ways that would make the rushdown character more powerful. Cause in TVC, the second player will get raped if they aren’t the starting the offensive. In addition Mega Crash baiting would make characters like Dante…beyond retarded.

TvC’s balance came from the fact that almost everybody had the same tools, and they were limited . Strict damaging scale, limited otgs to follow up a throw, assist can’t really die,only one type of assists, 3 characters that snapback, level 3 were shitty, etc. Megacrash isn’t really the reason why TVC could be considered more balance than MVC3.

im sure they could change it to fit MVC3 or UMVC3