Mega Man Anniversary Collection

I just got this game for the Xbox it is awesome.
I like playin mega man: the power fighters.
thats the only one I have unlocked so far.
I know the other one is power battle and to get it I have to beat mega man 3. which I heard is the Easiest.I just dont know who to fight first, and next and the weakness for all the other bosses.
but anyways the game is still Cool.

This is a good order for MM3:


Quite a few of those can be switched around. Fighting Hard last tends to be a good idea since you already defeated Top first. If I remember correctly, you only need to kill Needle in order to get the unlockables, so you could theoretically get Power Battles after the 4th or 5th dead Robot Master.

Hope that helps!

P.S I speed run Power Battles, so I’ll give you an order that can get you through the game in under 3 minutes.

Megaman 1-3


Actually #3 should be done in this order…since it uses all their weaknesses:

Top Man
Shadow Man
Spark Man
Magnet Man
Hard Man
Snake Man (use Shadow Man’s move here again)
Gemini Man
Needle Man

That’s all off the top off my head…cause I’m that damn good.

that right theres a good order because snakeman is easy enough to kill with just the mega buster

just for kicks obvious best mega man 2 order


I do,
Flash, don’t move from start of battle. When Flash is on top of you, shoot metal blades up and juggle him.
Bubble, use metal blades on him.
Wood, goes down in two some fully charged heat shots IIRC.
Quick, A full meter of Flash will eat 1/2 of Quick’s life bar, then it’s just two or three Crash bombs away from a kill. (Catch him in the explosions.)

man isnt it a bitch to beat metal first?
hes the hardest guy for me to kill with buster alone

in mm7,

bass>megaman… his psycho crusher move is top tier

For MM2, do the Morimoto:
airman - if you can’t do the uber-precise jumps, just jump into the drill-horns, take the hits and keep going. It’s easy.
flashman - air-man the whole level. Use it early to toast the spitters above you. Run at the shieldguys-on-leg-machines and use airman when close, they’ll jump, you’ll hit, and run underneath. The rest is cake.
quickman - I think best falling sequence during deathbeams doesn’t work on AC, but only at one part. You can use flash on quickman, but a real man uses pea shooter. :slight_smile:
metalman - flashman the falling spike-press part.
bubbleman - metalblade is you best friend. Slide-in-the-ceiling glitch doesn’t work in AC. :frowning: it just makes you stuck and you have to reset.
heatman - metal blade the floating eye machines. Heatman is so boring… at the start of the fight, hold right, shoot a bubble and do teeny-tiny jump to avoid fire. See how close you can stay to him to make it fun.
woodman - best level IMO. Fullycharged heatshot the first wolf, then flashman to skip the rest. Metal blade everything else. Use #1 if you can’t jump over the bunnies well.
crashman - fun level. Metal blades and #1s and ladder glitches. Metal blade has shot recovery, so jump cancel it (lol)

Super fun game. EXCELLENT music. Good thing about AC -If you turn on special menus in options, you also turn on remixed music for random stages. Bad thing about AC -Is tweaked, not exactly same game. Like, warps don’t work (but they’re pretty useless anyhow). Not absolute perfect conversion… I DEMAND NES VERSION FOR EVO! :slight_smile:

MM1 owns j00. No pussy passwords, gotta do it all in one take!

i can beat every robot master in the game w/ mega buster except in mm1… just cant do it :sad:

I always went:

Air Man
Crash Man
Flash Man (use the mega buster)
Quick Man
Metal Man
Bubble Man
Heat Man
Wood Man

Because Air Man is weak to the buster. And that is the order that follows. (Flash Man is weak to Crash Man, but it only does one more damage than the buster, and the buster can go through walls)

EDIT: P.S. I play too much Mega Man. About every day really. I have beaten all the bosses in #2 without taking damage. And beaten the game not using any continues (only lost like 1 life). I’ve also beaten #1 without losing a life, and can beat all the original 6 bosses without taking damage (except Fire Man). WAY too much damn time on my hands.

I only went hardcore on parts 1, 2, and 3. Part 2 I finished in under a half hour on 1 man… I take hits all over the place tho. :wink:

Part 1 rocks. It’s the hardest IMO. Select trick is amazing yet annoying. Bisqwit’s speedrun is RETARDED. Too bad it’s not “real”.

Has anyone noticed how Capcom was constantly tweaking Megaman?? Like in #1, his teleport dropped real fast, even through enemies… then in #2 they made it real slow, so you can do bigass jumps… Or, how the slide in #3 was AMAZING, yet they rape it again and again to make it shittier in subsequent games.

i do know that MM5 was ungodly easy cause the charge buster was so damn good

You use the select trick? That’s so fucking lame. I can take out the Yellow Devil without getting hurt or using a stupid trick.

hey guys thanks alot :china: :smile:
post more if you want its all cool,it will help us all out.
thanks again. Peace.

u should only lose like 1 life in your first encounter w/ yellow devil

by the second time around u should have him figured out
i never knew about the select glitch until AC came out

I beat the majority of these games when I was between like 7 and 12, but now a days for some reason I can’t beat them anymore…

You obviously didn’t play enough for your thumbs to develop muscle memory for it.

But yeah, I’m the same way. Use to be able to beat all the Mega Mans with out a sweat. But now it’s all gone. Mega Man 2 is all I have left. I played it so much, I can beat it with my eyes closed.

Yeah, it’s crazy cheap… way too good.

Anyone know how to beat last Wily well in MM8? I never played the later games, I don’t know jack about them. :confused:

hey guys do you know the weakness or order I should fight the robots in mega man 4 and megaman 5? help me out if you want please thank you.