Mega Man Assist Types



Kay, Im bored and this board seems to be going no where so I was just curious in hearing what everyone’s opinion is on what Mega Man’s best assist type is and why…

For me and my team of MM/Cable/BH, most of you know it his AAA. It has decent priority which ussually beats out or trades with Sentinal stomping. The projectile assists aren’t too useful in stoping stomping. Another thing is HSF, while the projectile will help protect you at best, the AAA can ussually knock Sent flat out of it if your close enough. Also the AAA comes in use when using BH to combo into HOD, something that is more difficult to do with Cable AAA since that does multiple hits. Also the projectile assists take too long if your not near a corner so AHVB can be a problem. I wanna hear what eveone else thinks


i use projectile assist to cover my sent. it also works with cyke as another projectile when shooting optic bullets. if i call MM, and do an optic blast, could magneto or storm recover fast enough to retaliate?


I generally use the Projectile Assist. If I’m really into an AAA, I’ll use CapCom for his range or Ken as invinci-baiting.

My 2C.



No one else???


Well, I like both the AAA and projectile but since I’ve been working on my team MM/Cable/Sent, I seem to like the projectile the best and one of the reasons was mentioned by Dasrik which was it breaks super armor and is more durable than the drones assist for one and he’s way smaller than Sent so he be can’t assist-punished as much (unless it’s Cable) since he gets on and off the screen a little quicker than Sentinel.

But I do agree on the priority of his AAA though, it’s no Psylocke, Cammy, or Commando but it works wonders.


I agree with Dasrik. His AA is alittle better than Dasrik says, but not by enough to convince me to use it regularly [I do sometimes though…].


'nother vote for projectile…


Megaman AAA really does suck. Call almost any other AAA just before you block a beam at point blank range, and you will at the very least trade hits. Mega Upper doesn’t even START to hit until later in the frame (you can be thrown out of it using it on point) so unless the beam is aimed wrong MM gets toasted.


So you guys think I should switch AAA for Projectile???


Not necessarily. If you use some AA-specific application alot, then it may be worth it for you.

I personally find the projectile more straightforward & easier to incorporate into my gameplan. Provides some good, reliable ground blockstun. Easier to protect, too.

But your reasons may not be my reasons. And I’m nowhere near an expert on the guy.


Yeah, STE. If it works for you, use it by all means but I haven’t been able to experiment with it enough to rate it better than projectile so that’s my opinion on preference of assist type, and also as Buck Jones said, I’m no expert with him either although I love playing him.


Thank fo the input, but I’m still trying to see how my strats hve to change in using projectile, AAA seems to be bashed alot and maybe I have just been lucky enough to not have been punished badly for using it to change to another assist so I wanna be safe and learn how to work with projectile


I’ve always favored his projectile assist other than any one he has…


With your team i usually use aaa for mm since i’m going to need it for all purpose bh play when cable aaa isn’t a good option. As long as bh has his bnb and SOMETHING to throw up into his sweet spot then it’ll work.

Not great but definetly works.


Launch, MM AA, J.FP, RP does wonders for me. Plus MM’s AA hits them away so if Cable hets hit he can’t counter attack the assist that just hit him like Capcom or Cammy.:smiley: