Mega Man Tricks

Just intrested in what kind of “Tricks” you all might use with Mega Man and certain assists. Things people really wouldnt expect or might get crossed up by. A couple I am particularly fond of:

Using,, while they are blocking and then stall a second for them to attack and then instantly XX into Hyper Mega Man. The invinsibliy frames null there attack so they get hit right into it by the transformation. The timing can be tricky but worth while to learn.

With MM/BH AAA, I launch with MM while calling BH, then do sj.lp, then they get hit by inferno as I land, in which I dash underthem, and they get crossed up and hit by the inferno a second time, then I dash under them again and cross them up for another launcher for a free aircombo. And if they know this trick sometimes I’ll mix it up obviously and not dash so they block the wrong way.

What about any of you guys?


meh you can use his wall jump for mobility…in the corner after an air combo you can throw them into the infinite. that’s a trick isn’t it?

Those are more straight up tactics, I mean “Tricks” as in getting the opponent to think one thing while you do something completely different.

Personally, I like to start charging up as soon as the match begins with Mega Man. With the absence of his Mega Buster (since he’s charging), I use triangle-jumping tactics, aerial raves and the crouching LK, LK, FK combo to whittle my opponent down.

Then, as my opponent’s life gets lower and he switches…

LP, LP, release FP, tap forward twice, tap LK, LK (to push them further into the fireball), Beat Plane.

Then, as soon as Beat Plane is about to run out of energy…

XX into Tron Bonne’s Servbot Lunch Rush, XX into Roll’s Beat Plane as soon as first three Servbots connect.

133 hits, 100% damage, guaranteed way to eliminate one third of your opponent’s party. BTW, the 133 hits is what I usually get out of this combo, of course, it will all depend on how long you’ve charged Mega Buster, and how many hits you can get in with both Mega Man and Roll’s Beat Plane attacks.

Also, Mega Man’s Mule Kick is good for knocking unsuspecting opponents out of the air. Also, for some strange reason, people somewhat ALWAYS get caught by surpise when I nail them with the Mega Uppercut.

EDIT: Remember, though, to make sure that the charged Mega Buster shot runs out BEFORE you attempt to cancel into Tron’s Lunch Rush, or it will not work. If you’ve charged it long enough, and the fireball is STILL hitting your opponent after you did the first Beat Plane, immediately do a second one and then cancel into the rest of the combo for even MORE hits!
(Your opponent may die first, though.)

Well, I’ve been playing Megaman w/Tron(Projectile type) assist for the past couple years now.

Some tricks I like to do, low short x2 + Tron assist, low roundhouse, Tornado hold. When they fall from Tornado Hold, I have two options.

  1. Early jumping roundhouse + Tron assist, for a quick overhead and combo.

  2. Low Roundhouse + Tron assist, Tornado Hold, repeat options.

I think you could also wave dash under them for a ground crossup. For an assist killer I use MM’s slide/Tron assist/Tornado hold combo and repeat til dead.

2 things about those tricks though, opponents can safe fall out, and they can advance block to save their assists.

MMMasterSTE: I just watched a few of your matches on Boston’s Vid site. Couple questions, is that the AAA assist or the variety assist your using with MM? I never really used that assist so I’m not totally sure about its properties, does it juggle the opponents point character like Cyclops, or is it more of a one hit get off me like Cammy? Rockball + BH assist is a pain in the ass for Sent. I liked the shit with the Hyper Megaman tricks. I use it mainly as an anti-air/crossup option.

Thats his AAA, his variety does Mega Buster as assist and Mega Uppercut as his Variable Counter, I wish they had the reverse with the MU as the assist and the MB as the counter-in…Mega Upper’s properites are straight up random, their are times when Ive seen him go through HSF, and then ive seen him get jabbed out…any way its a one hitter but the hit box stays for a long time ie: He hits on the way up, and also for the few frames where he “floats” at the zenith of the uppercut, so its mad delayed. Those vids werent exactly my best work…I hate the sticks at 8 on the break

I’m really enjoying Hyper Megaman these days. Against Shockwave I’m now jumping into it, doing Hyper Megaman to teleport through it, and then DHCing to the next character to hit Magnus while he’s in Shockwave animation. And of course HMM in the middle of Hyper Sentinel Force can be timed to either hit Sentinel or allow you to DHC and hit Sentinel that way.

I’m still puzzled by when Hail Storm actually cancels jump buster. It seems like there’s a particular rock at the 3/5 screen point that will make the buster go away. =\

Are you talking about for arcade/DC or 360?

how to answer this…

DC version is as close to the arcade as you get… and the ps3/360 versions are based on that version…

So I guess its arcade people are talking about… or dreamcast… basicly the same tho…

preppy -> I use it in a similar manner to make psy miss me/mags triangle jump flies into HMM and gets smacked…

On New era outlaw’s post:
people are surprised by the uppercut because most people didn’t unlock the shoryuken move in his games, and therefore don’t think there’s a reason for him to have it.

I’ve always been confused by this as well. Whenever I see her start floating back I’m like " yay, trade for more damage and they can waste meter. EHHH!!! "

And then I just eat 40% for no reason.

Wow…threads madd old

But yea HMM Invincibility frames make for some suprising setups when ur opponent isnt familiar with MM

But I must ask…where is it that Hailstorm has actually canceled the buster? Ive been playing Arcade n DC for almost ten years and have never seen that…(never touched the inferior PS2 or XbX versions) Just got the PS3 version so I dunno if it happens there

I’ve seen it repeatedly now on the Xbox 360 version. I don’t recall it happening on the arcade version myself - it could be a bug, but I’m not certain.

Sounds like a bug, hailstorm has never canceled a megabuster for me on arcade.

One thing I enjoy doing against Strider/Doom is Beat Planing the moment I see him activating orbs. If done right, it’s nearly impossible for him to catch you as you run/fly away.