Mega Man UAS/CGoH Differences

Was wondering what differences people have noticed in the blue bomber from TvC between CGoH and UAS

For example in CGoH MM cannot cancel charged buster shots, in UAS however he is able to super cancel from charged shots

what else?

I said this in the other thead and I don’t know for certain if it’s new or not, but I realized that after 6B fist you can do A, B (both hits), 3C into air combo.
Not really a huge deal but I recall trying it before and the most I could do was 2A, 3C into air combo.

I think I used to do it before, so I don’t think it’s actually new.

Anyways, important question, Shining Laser, how is it now?

Shining Laser, I used it a couple of times vs giants in arcade just to finish them off. The damage was terrible. Mashing hard, could have sworn it said like 12K.

Still? Seriously, Shining Laser was one the moves that needed a buff badly for it to be useful. I can’t understand why they made it suck so much, you can combo after Ryu’s ShinSho too and that one is a much much better lv3 =/

You can BBQ Max Charge Shot, and you can also Max Charge shot > Super of your choice and got his weapon switch nerf un-nerfed. (Buff)

Also, charging takes longer and super machine gun minimum angle on ground got raised (nerf) making it impossible to chip against crouching opponents.

idk what else to find.

Okay, so I just popped in the US version. . .and noticed that weapon switching on the ground forwards has been lagged up considerably (doing it backwards seems as fast as before, ironically enough). That being said, how does it affect Rock? I mean, ground strings leading to a weapon switched 6B (with his regular arm) still seem to work pretty well, at least as far as I can tell. Tiger knee’d weapon switches are a lot laggier though.

God, this lag nerf is awful.

Wait what? Are you serious?

Bull. I’m doing these weapon switches right now and I assure you that they are no laggier than they are in CGoH. The issue is that the game’s general buffer window has been reduced making it harder to weapon switch consistantly, but yea.

Pretty much everything mega can do in CGoH besides infinites is still possible in UAS.

tl;dr - bro u trippan

EDIT: Megaman can only weapon switch in air once after using 6B Machine Gun. It’s still 2 times for other arms though.

Seeing how some infinites seem to still be in I wouldn’t be surprised if they found a way for him to infinite again.

What infinites are still in bro?

Only one I heard about is Chun on giants.

I know Saki’s, Chun’s and Batsu’s are, Karas’ looked like it may be, but it could be only until the corner, and 1:30 here looked like it could become an infinite for Frank to me…


Wow, really? I could have sworn that consecutive weapon switches forward was slowed down. . .I suppose I’m just getting screwed by the buffer window. Damn.

Buffer window is gay. Yes.

Also, Megaman VAR is hard as fuck to hit with.

Rock is beast this time round. I’ve found that he has some glitchy mechanics going on for him in this new system.

Oh do tell. The only thing I’ve noticed is that he can increase the velocity of his air dash by firing his H buster during the dash. But to do it you have to do a NORMAL jump in the corresponding direction before the airdash. So if you do a forward jump then air dash forwards then fire, you will speed forward and vice versa. It is VERY useful for closing ground quickly.

Shield Arm 6B doesnt combo off j.A, but it does off J.B. so you need to modify that air combo

I dont think it comboed off j A even in CGoH. O_o

uh yeah it did. my aerial rave there was

launcher, a a b b, jump b xx shield arm, a 6b xx drill arm, land, etc etc.

now in UAS I have to shorten it and use j.b instead of j.a, because I mostly use it after a Condor Joe aerial rave into VAR

Also the game applies autocorrect to Megaman’s Machine gun arm and Drill arm but not Shield arm for some reason =/

Thats good, because you can VAR into a Shield Arm Megaman and do a wall bounce into a re-launch without setting up the arm prior.