Mega Man Vs. Cable

This match up is not as in Cables favor as I had previously thought, He still wins but not as easily. Recently I have been using some tatics that I see many Cables having difficulty in dealing with. As I have said, in this match you should be charging FP, turtling, and trying to chip. But more often I find myself not turtling,but wall bouncing to dodge AVB’s, and poking in with C.Lk,C.Mk,C.Fk, then releasing a charged buster shot. Either way, Cable is OTGed by it, or in block stun.CapCom and Sentinal assist get stuffed by this alot as well. Most Cables, if they know how to play against Mega Man, wont even waste the effort of trying to get the poke in to kill you unless time is short and they are losing. Cable will mostly hang back and try to pin you with VB and AVBs, and try to predict you shooting a normal FP before they AHVB. The trick to getting around this is the wall bounce, by timing where on the wall you jump off of you can easily get out. Here I then rush up to Cable and go for the poke. Recently it has been VERY effective, now to find a better way to fight sent…
Questions, Comments??

That’s very similar to one of my old strategies. I used Jin-b as a part of it. Turned the match upside-down in most cases. [No assists, no VB, no grenades, no jumping back. Too many ways for MM to punish these even mildly without worry]

Your right about the Charged buster, it isn’t worth it. The chip isn’t that good and if he pushblocks and then calls assist MM’s lag on the charged buster will get him shot. The best way to play since MM has so few safe things is to be lame and not do so much, shooting uncharged shots causiously pretty much like you said. Air Throw does wonders too since Cable should be doing a lot of normal jumping