Mega Man X MvC3 Moveset Animated by me


To mods. I’d appreciate if you could post it on upfront shoryuken main page too. Worked real hard on this. Regards Shadonic of gamefaqs and Capcom Unity.


Hmm… not bad. That’s allot of moves though, but since Dante has about 40 moves then… ya. However dante lacks air supers and good chip damage, which balances him. Yours has tools for everything, air supers and shit. I do like it regardless… the only megaman X game i played fully and enjoyed was x3-x4. X4’s movesets where just nice.

I want strider in more than anybody else, but i do think megaman X would make a nice addition also.

My top wishes are Strider, X, Gene and Tessa.

This is incredibly awesome. I’ve always wanted a redesigned Mega Man X or classic that draws upon the many years worth of awesome enemy weapons. My most wanted capcom characters at this point are M. Bison and Mega Man - both are just too important to capcom’s history to be left out. M. Bison for the definitive street fighter villain and then Mega Man as their longest running franchise.

somebody give this guy a job at capcom

Gonna watch this when I get home, and don’t worry about the douche who gave you one star, I gave you five to even it out. I haven’t seen the vid yet, but the comments above tell me all I need to know. Keep it up kid, keep it up.

I don’t even care if Mega man is brought back, but this video is well done. :tup:

Video looks good, ideas for weapons are not. He’d need Phoenix health to be balanced, and even then…man. He seriously has answers for everything, not to mention meterless screen-filling projectiles and traps.

Haha cool vid

Looks cheap.

Edit: But seriously, well done.

looks cool!

Hmm… i think a good way to balance him is by coning him with no chip damage and also an average damage out put, probably recovery time on his moves also.

It would be cool if his armor switching could work like Ammy, make it cost a meter also for some balance? I don’t know…

edit: put this on unity’s suggestion box. I’m serious man, mad props for the work. It’s well made and it certainly increases excitement.

I really hope strider and mmx get in. The both of them deserve it the most, not phoenix wright.

This is kinda how I pictured him being; You even suggested the Nova Strike to be a Super…Damn you are a skilled dude. and that Level 3? 'Gave the chills.

its good, but needs more moves from X1, X2, X3 the best in the series
golden armor, Z saber projectile, combining 2charge shots into a wave of shots, flaming shoryuken + hadouken
any megaman X fan should go find an snes and the old games “online”

Great work, but if X got all of those tools he would have to have Phoenix like health to balance him.

damn, lots of armor’s to switch to and from and some seem to be situational but it looks like your X has an answer for everyone

yeah he would have lower stamina than zero

Heh really nice ideas. I’m just not sure about the fully charged moves, they would be a bit too much. I like the armor switching concept though:)

Guys my moveset looks OP but its also to give Capcom an idea of the kind of moves X can have. They could go with about 5 or so along with charged versions. My prefernces would be Homing Torpedo, Lightning Web, Rising Fire, Frost Tower and Gravity Well.

Thanks guys at the comments. Also for those talking about X1-X3 reference… I gave him Gravity Well and Traid Thunder Charged as d+H from X3, Homing Torpedo, Rolling Shield Exchange and Chameleon Sting from X1. Also I suggested that hyper charge from X3 golden armor and added the multiply into 5 shot there too.

I will hate everyone who uses this character if he existed.

Why is everybody afraid of X?

I have said this since Sentinel was announced.

Obviously people new to the game complain about him, so why can’t X be the ultimate unbalanced character (as far as ursuping sentinel)
Would it add nothing new to the game, or would it only create major upsets because now “OP” characters of the past game had a new challenge for “overly cheap seat”

I don’t know, just…food for thought. Give him 950k and a vast array of moves seen in that video. People will have to learn how to deal with X and it might cause an evolution of the game.

Or just Xtreme need for preperation H.

Great vid.