Megaman/Cable/Sent G stuff

That is the team I am learning, and I have some questions about it.

First, how can I bring Cable in safely asides from CAHVB and opponents by my opponent?

Is Cable B good enough to protect me against stuff like Doom B assist and BH traps? Is there any specific tip to it or can I use it like the better AAAs?

People here play BH based teams and Mag/Doom often. Would you advise me to change my team to MM/Cable/Cyc, MM/someone/Doom B, Sent A or other combination?

One last thing. I like to start with switch trick, lp + sent assist, launcher, lp, lk, hp, opp falls in the assist, another hp. This works great against Cable, but against Magneto the drones disappear. Why?

Thank you so much.

Heh, thats one of the teams I use.

Thats about the best way you can bring in Cable, you could DHC Hyper Megaman into a ground HVB, just make sure you kill that character.

Cable’s AAA is ok, its better as a counter call assist. It trades with Doom for the most part, sometimes beats him clean, sometimes gets beat, very weird AAA. You can use him to hunt BH while he’s in the air throwing demons.

This team can fight well against Mags because you can throw out an insane amount of shit on the screen. MM’s jumping fierce should be out there as much as possible to hunt BH, let Sent’s drones cover the ground for you while you go after BH. Rockball is another projectile you can use because of its weird angles to catch BH from behind, or you can use Tornado Hold to take out Doom assist. A midrange fierce(around Doom’s head) will take out Doom assist clean if timed right.

As for the third, I think Mags might fall differently from Cable, not sure though, might hafta test that out. Sounds like a nice combo though, I might hafta jack that :smiley:

If you want Cable on point without an alpha counter, Try to land a combo into drones, into HMM, and DHC in Cable. If the person doesen’t die, DHC past him to Sentinel and bypass him. Tag in Cable on the end of the combo. If they die when Cable’s DHC’d in, Cable’s on point and can guardbreak the next character.

Thanks guys. Your info was very nice to know.

I was also playing around with Megaman/Servbot/assist, and am having trouble in defining the best assist for this team.

I got some wins with Tron, but the BH/Doom combination was too hard for it. I also tried Doom, Commando, Cyc and Sent, but all of them seems to lead to a strong counter team. Any suggestions, or should I just keep changing the assist?

And about Megaman’s launcher, how safe it is against the God and top tier? It seemed very good against Storm and Commando but I am still a little skeptical of it.

Thanks for your help!

It’s good against Mags [usually trades or beats him, but I would only use it in desparation due to the risks involved], it owns Cable’s flying hk, It always trades with Capcom’s air attacks, I think Sentinel’s flying hk beats it [not sure], and you answered your own question vs Storm I guess.

I usually play MST(MM/Servebot/Tron) in casual fuck around matches, even played it at Evo 2k2 :smiley:

Servebot is just not good enough a character to really be much of a factor, his main combos either involve chipping them with the Swarm, or combo into assist(mainly Tron for the damage)

Against Doom/BH, depending on which one is one point:

Megaman on point

Doom/BH - Megaman has to throw those mid range head shots to knock out BH assist, you can crouching fierce Doom when he tries repeated jumping fierce lasers. In close, call Tron to counter BH.

BH/Doom - Head shots to knock out Doom, or Tornado hold, Tron assist will trade or beat Doom. I’d prefer using Tron assist to deal with Doom so MM can chase BH. Instead of Head shots, you might want to throw the 2nd fierce above Doom so you can cancel out BH’s Tower XX HoD and not have Doom absorb the hit.

Servebot on point can just wavedash under Doom’s laser and countercall BH, random Swarms to try and weaken BH for the kill. Alternatively, against BH, the helpers from the sky are you’re best bet to catching BH, MM’s projectile assist is nice in hitting Doom assist in the back, or hitting him clean from the front. Also, short short + call Tron combos into Kobun Giant Hammer :smiley:

MM’s launcher is alright, not nearly as good as it was in MvC1, it’ll trade with most things, won’t really beat them out. As for Sent’s stomp, no, it doesn’t trade, or beat it, it just… ::sigh:: … just block and push him away… :frowning: