Megaman combo in MvC2, rate it please

well my first thread , , i did a storm combo and the average was about a 9 so i was pleased.

i dont have the storm one anymore so if someone can upload it as a reference, it would be great.

but here is my new megaman one.

here is a 2nd varation u can do with it.

again, rate on creativity, style, maybe newness? but DONT rate on the ending, the end is just to end the combo, i know it can go longer

Edit: magnetro? im still waiting… what do you think of it?

feedback also helps, good = green, bad = red.

I thought it was pretty interesting. Then again, I don’t really play Marvel.

I like the way it sets up into AHVB, though.

nice combo

I never seen it done but than again I dont play much megamans when I do play. And I like the combo pretty neat.

Nifty. It seems kind of basic though. I’m no real marvel 2 player but I’ve done combos very similar to this (in mvc2 and mvc1), but I hadn’t added in the tag.

its a nice combo, i give it 7 cause really something like that isn’t likely to happen in a match, but then again i could be wrong.

As far as creativity goes I give it an 8, but your video fucked with my computer so it’s getting a 0.

alright, cool. if u play marvel, u would know that that fierce punch causes flying screen (or is suppose to) but then breaks when megaman launches. it defys the game. just letting non marvel players know.

hmm well it uses the same link as the megaman combo in bugrave g, which is probably the best megaman combo i’ve seen. but doing the tag is new, so good job. get 3 more crazy links like that and you got yourself a combo.

Not bad, although the bugrave vid contains virtually the same thing. 7/10.

Magnetro, what do you think???

was this the storm combo?


Since this doesn’t contain Magnus or Ironman everyone is going to give it a 7 or so, I however rate it an 8.5 because I play Megaman and even with my meager skills could perform both combos.:bgrin:

u can do it now with ur meager skills cause u just saw me do it in the vid. i give myself a 10 for creativity :stuck_out_tongue:

and ya, that is the storm combo

ps. i didnt know it was in bugrave, so i guess after that post, everyone can give it a 4.

4 it is

I say about a 5. It shows there was some possibilities for it, but in the end, no MM player ever uses leafshield, thus making it one of those, situational combos like the ones with a sitting rockball on the ground.