Megaman .EXE avatar request


can anyone in this seccion help me?

i ask of a Megaman avatar. this avatar i want an mm EXE sprite (normal blue please) where he does his dash attack (the one with the bird in his hand) i want the bird if it’s possible to have a fiery effect and the background be shining or cool looking (mostley him looking like he’s doing a buster wolf).

i know i am asking a lot but can someone help me out?

i’ll appreciate it.





I need a slight example of what you’re talking about.


i’ll supply a gif for ya, SE, if I have time :bluu:


ok! no hurry here :wink:



finals are done… just unpacked and settled at my house…

i hope i didnt miss any frames in that move :-\

edit: shat… do you want the red firery bird? or do u think it’d be better for Soul E. to make an effect of it?

i have mmexe2, and 3(tho I havent started 3 yet)
if theres any more birds that pop up that I dont know about


wait…what the hell is that and what am I supposed to do with it now…? :confused:


i just want a freze frame of mm.exe punching with bird and making efects (imagination of the creator) looking like it was a buster wolf. and some cool background.


BUMP(again) :lol:


Ok…but expect it to be a few days. My comp is close to dying for good, and I hardly get a chance to get on the other computer. I’ll start soon.


ok, like i said, no rush.


Here’s the sprite-less version. eh. this sprite is hard to work with.:confused:


That’s awesome, except for the right side. ;\


shut up, zebra!:mad:
I’m too lazy to add more colors and add stuff, so you better dig teh ultra cool blue-to-gray gradient special spectacular awesomeness.

now the right side is more fluent :confused:


KICK ASS! :smiley: man and with the sprite must be even cooler! (no sarcasm).


anything I can do to make it easier?


Is there a bigger version? Or…with less ugly?:stuck_out_tongue:


lol… sry.
unless I find another way, thats as big as it gets… and I think its pretty…:stuck_out_tongue:


the background is cool :confused:


the background is awesome… but the sprite is nasty… why go for a sprite and not a regular art pic instead…